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Electricity worries?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by One Hit Wonder, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. If i have just a single light like one flourescent and a small fan going 24/7 from seed to bud will that create a lot of electricity, like should i be worried will the cops get suspicious or will my bill go up a lot?
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the increase in use of electricity. One flourescent light only cost a few pennies a day to operate and the fan about the same. I have 2 1000 watt & 2 400 watt lights running, plus fans. Nobody has ever come to my house and asked about my electrical comsumption. I don't think you have much to worry about. It should be safe unless you live in your parents house, they sometimes can be snoopy. Good luck with your grow.
  3. For the most part, the cops only come if the utility people inform them that the use is so high. If you think about it, why would they call the cops on someone who pays them so much money? The truth= they don't.

    The only people who get busted for excess utility bills are the dummies who don't pay their bill, or they illegally tapped into the power grid (which is easily traced).

    No worries, my friend.
  4. I would defintaley not worry about that , that is nothing. When you have 4 1000 Watt HPS thats when they start to notice.

  5. Actually... BC Hydro tips the cops off to people who use a lot of electricity. In fact their computers are programed to monitor electricity usage. If the peak times correspond with the light regiments needed to grow marijuana they red flag them. Not saying every electrical company does... but I'm informing you that you're wrong.


    So a search for "Power Nark" and read the paragraph under it.
  6. I see...

    I live in the United States, and i wrongfully assumed that One Hit Wonder was from the same place! That was stupid. However, in the US it's all about $$. There is not a Power plant that i know of in the USA that would turn in their own customers just because they were using a lot of electricity. It means more $$ in their pocket. The only time American companies get pissed and call the police is when they are not getting paid for their services.

  7. You might be suprised...
  8. ytour good
  9. that's pretty heavy shit the way they can bust you like that. But i look at all the grow journals on this site and all these guys have a large 18/6 to 12/12 pattern grow going on and never get busted. If i cut back on regular useage and just have a small lgith and fan will it really be a deal at all?

  10. Not everyone here lives in BC. Plus, their arn't many here that do HUGE grows. Most just use one or two 1000w lights, if that...

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