Electricity Usage Patterns...How to Avoid?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Xavior, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. ...Subject really says it all.... What can I do to make it less suspicious that my lights would be on cycles?
  2. eeh...i believe there are some aspects of growing that ya just have to deal with as they are.
  3. Adjust your usage of electricity in other areas. The television is probably your most likely candidate for reduction. Using your past habits as a guide, have your "on" cycle emulate your past TV watching hours. Unless you're running some heavy duty wattage, you probably don't have a lot to worry about.
  4. But televisions dont use 1000 watts...lol, its basically as morbydvisns said....your just screwed in this area.

    At first I had planned to say it was computers (I have 2 and will get a third, and just never use mroe than one at a time), but that only explains the electricty usage. I'm more concerned with the pattern.

    Does anyone know how electrical companies evaluate their customers usage patterns? Its semi-easy to cover up the overall electricity usage, but the pattern is basically impossible...unless there were some way to continuously use the electricity...

    Is there some way to 'permanently' tie up say 1000w of power in some kind of box that could then distribute that power back out? Like a relay box that would always use 1000w of electricity, except when the lights turn on after which it would give that power to the lights and then take it back after???

    That must make no sense, I havent slept all night - I'll try again tomorrow, heh. ;)

  5. maybe i missed something? im not worried about how much it costs, im worried about them seeing the on/off spike of 1000w (maybe more) of lights

    cool tool tho, bookmarked ;)
  6. i posted a while back on this.....replace all your bulbs the day before you start, with the energy saving bulbs......here's an example........6 rooms with 100w bulbs = 600w...........6 rooms with energy bulbs, which give out the light of 75w, but only use 14w..= 84w..............saving you 516w that won't be noticed.............Peace out.........Sid
  7. The point is that you are better off reducing electricity usage in other areas than increasing it to remain constant throughout the day. A sudden 1000 wattage 24 hour jump will probably be more suspicious, because the utility company will think that something is wrong with the current flow.
  8. yeh, sid - i was thinking of doing that too, kinda a benefit to getting into growing, I came across these power saver bulbs, hehehe. My kitchen alone has at least 20 75w bulbs that could easily be replaced...

    but, lol - once again, that ignores the problem of there being a pattern to the electricity usage...which is what im most concerned with.

    square one

  9. your meter determins how much power you use right.

    1.increase the size of the wire that goes between your powert box and meter as this will cut down how much your meter reads.

    2.well if you put a risistor in between your power point and the lights, this will stop the meter registering the power.

    I have tried this at my old house and my power bill went down by half.(but i didnt use it on lights i used it on my computers...

    I can probally make this device for you but will take a bit of time and money.. also need help from some of my contacts. maybe able to also get a diagram for you..

    But its not my fault if it fucks up....
    and if the electicity people find out about it you will be in heaps and heaps of trouble.. big fines for it..

    Edit.. kinda the same as fluros. as you pay when they start up about 16cents aus, but not for how long they run..
  10. hehe- thanks, karo, but im looking for ways to do it withoutstealing the electricity :( i just know ill be caught, and i looked outside today and now im even more worried - i have a digital power meter...it looks complex as crap, so im thinking its gonna be really easy to see my patterns :(

    another question...are electricity usage and patterns accessible remotely? or does the electric guy hafta come and read what the box says? cause if its not accessible remotely, i wouldnt think hed spend all his time looking at patterns, hed just come - look at my total power usage, and then leave. thats really all the information they need right? does anyone have a friend that works for a power company and knows what their routine is?
  11. i switched to a 400w HPS and had no problems.....bill went up a bit but no one noticed with the change of bulbs .......Peace out........Sid
  12. Power companies send out lackies to read your meter once a month ( on ur area) and report back, run it at nights, lights cost less, and if you try and turn off unnecesary lights and use boiling water instaed of microwave/oven, this should more than cover it.
  13. ahhhhhh!!!

    is everyone stoned when they answer this topic??? haha
    im worried about the pattern of usage, the lights going on 12/12 off consistently for a while. im confident i wont have a problem with overall usage, itll just be the pattern...

    i need ways to stop the pattern.
  14. they dont check the times the powers on man, they check how much you use.. so i really dont see a problem.. well they might be a bit sus that your power bill has gone up so much though...

    hope thats what you wanted to hear bud :)

  15. yeh it was :D, thanks

    i guess i figured they were a bit more advanced than that.

    overall usage shouldnt be much of a problem

  16. Do they really monitor power consumption that closely? How do they respond to power spikes? Do they have the right to pry like this, legally?
    I live in a major western city, how can they monitor that much residential power consumption?
  17. welll technically i wouldnt think itd be that hard. our power meters are digital, and it would be very simple to make it so those could sample the total power usage once every 30 minutes or so and then save it to memory. its not even complex data, so it could probably even monitor it more closely, or for an extended period of time. but it wouldnt have to, the meter man comes once a month, he could just plug in, download the data, and then move to the next house.
  18. I seriously doubt the power company cares about your usage pattern enough to build that into a meter. Where I live the meter readers don't even get out of the vehicle, they just use binoculars to read the meter.
  19. what would be the advantage for the electrical people to know when you use the power?

    they just care about you using power to make money...


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