Electricity to an abandoned building? Impossible?

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  1. Because of security reasons I cannot afford to set up shop in-house, however there are plenty of abandoned "structures" in woody areas and such around my town.

    Can any of you see any security issues with this, maybe? Chances of a random person coming in to most of these places are... very small, and I could always invest in a cheap lock for the door.

    More importantly though, I'm not sure how I'm gonna get electricity to it. Pretty sure that there are no ways to be self-sufficient without cords or anything, I guess?
    I was considering a very, very long extension cord buried beneath the ground covertly plugged into the closest house. It is quite possible that this closest house could be a friend of mine, which will help facilitate that (although this may, actually, not be possible).

    Does anyone have any thoughts, considerations, or advise? The actual energy being used is actually not that much, 250-300 watts of flourescent lighting (plenty of aluminum foil tho), small filterer, fan, heater (those two wont be on at the same time)... that's about it.

    And btw, let's just assume for the sake of theoretical, educational purposes that there is no moral disagreement here (assume it's on public woodland or something, or a willing compatriot's property). Because this is every grower's dream! (haha, just think of the isolated farm house in Pineapple Express. who knew how the eff they got all that electricity.. assuming that that movie gave a rat's ass about legitimacy of course).
  2. Just a warning if you do go through with this: If it does get discovered, I wouldn't be surprised if they followed the cord to where the power comes from. Besides that, use a thicker guage cord, and for added protection surround it in either some pvc pipe to shelter it from moisture and dirt, or buy some of the metal coil stuff that's meant for wires.
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    move out of your parents house and then you can grow your own weed in your own place.

    EDIT: in hindsight, i came off like a prick, but i sincerely wasn't trying to be. i apologize formally to mcgoogly and in the future will try to word my posts in better fashion. i do now realize this wasn't acceptable.
  4. ricochet - yeah I was planning on doing something about making the cord sturdier, if that cord idea was neccessary.

    chemicalcomfort - suffice to say that you have absolutely no idea about who I live with or what the hell my living situation is, so, be constructive instead of giving a stupid spiel (can you believe that even a weed growing forum has people giving retarded morality/random 'advise' spiels, akin to health teacher rants?)
  5. off grid system..... wwindmill, or hybrid solar panel and wind mill to sets of jumpered car/truck batteries..Might be able to get you some electricity and recharge the batteries mmost of the day..:cool: electricity is taken from jumpered/tethereed batteries and windmill/solar panels recharge the sets of batteries/
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    how was that a "spiel" and it's not morality/random advice. it is sound and smart advice. If you're gonna do something illegal, take responsibility for it. if you and your friends run some extension cord, get busted, police follow extension cord, then whoever owns the house goes to jail for years for their stupid kid's friend wanting to grow in some abandoned building, which is a completely retarded idea in the first place. It is a very real consequence, and one you obviously don't think is very possible, either that or you didn't even give any consideration to anyone else except yourself.

    then there's the simple matter that if you do in fact live on your own, how is growing in an abandoned house with an extension cord any safer? if don't live on your own and are trying to grow weed without their knowledge, that's fucked up and they're gonna turn you in when they find out (or kick you out of the house, since i'm pretty confident knowing you're living with your parents). So grow a fucking brain, instead of some weed. Guerilla grow outside or something, just don't take someone else down for your stupidity, that is my concern.

    now that was more like a spiel. if not parents, then what are indeed your "security reasons"
  7. lol, like that is somehow more possible/secure than even a fairy tale abandoned shack! But gee, on another note, thanks for carefully reading my first post, more specifically, the final paragraph!

    gnetics - wait... is that really possible? I mean this is really a small amount of energy being used... do they have *relatively* cheap mini-windmills for this type of stuff, you think?
  8. Im gonna have to agree with chemicalcomfort. This is a bizarre idea for a grow operation, which includes ideas takin from a recent movie? YOU DONT SEE THIS IN REAL LIFE, YOU SEE THIS IN A BAD MOVIE! If your gonna take growin some herb seriously, then seriously think about it. GOT IT KIDDO?!

    If you do live with mom and pops, then maybe you need to find a buddy whos got the "cool" parents and use his house with some good knowledge. Then you can be smokin some good shit without having to travel to your love shack. :)
  9. Can you people not understand that this is just a curiosity. WTF just because I mentiton a recent movie as a joke (and clearly as a joke, "assuming that that movie gave a rat's ass about legitimacy" hmm) does not mean that I am inspired by it or anything, let's just assume, also for hypothetical, that I am not some 11 year old kid with an IQ of 50, OK GUYZ?! Sheesh, maybe I should have put this in Advanced Growing.

    As a side I am seriously contemplating this wind power system, it's been ridiculously hard to find small wind turbines but I'm thinking that for a whole set up (cords, generator, turbine), I could fuel 1-1.5k watts for less than 2,000USD (still expensive as shit though! Not exactly sure if it is worth the investment).
  10. mcgoogly. this really is a stupid idea. sorry to side with all these other guys. helicopters can easily fly over with infrared and if it seems like theres heat and stuff goin on inside an abandoned shack or some shit, there gonna investigate. and youd be surprised. they wouldnt just come some day take it all away and say thats that. theyd stake it out, watch YOU take care of your plants for a good month then pop your ass.

  11. I would be amazed if they didn´t.
  12. why are there so many ignorant twats here?

    maybe u should try finding forums in other languages coz god, nothing can be worser than the ignorant twats that appear on the english speaking internet.

  13. worser??

  14. .....So let me get this straight. You think a wind turbine feeding a rural shed is a good way to hide a covert grow op? Isn't that a fairly large "red flag" that your up to something?

    If you have $2k+ to invest in turbines, plus the $2k in needed grow equipment why not just take the $4K, rent an apartment or house and do a real grow?
  15. maybe you can steal power for a sorce near by.... where i live the power lines are run under ground you could dig em up n tap into em but you better kno what your doing.....i wouldnt recommend this tho:hello:
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    With your poor command of English, you could definitely use a few lessons.
  17. I would suggest a generator, they sell them at Home Depot or Lowes. You can get one for all types of demands. A bit pricey but a whole lot easier than stealing power. Good Luck
  18. dude people guerrilla grow all the time and if you're smart about it, it's pretty hard to get caught.

    unless you run a string from the grow to your house, then i guess it wouldn't be any better. :p
  19. I'm going to take ChemicalComfort's side here. First of all, you don't want to be leeching your friend's power. Running all those lights takes a lot of energy, and it might tip off the police, in which case your friend will get fucked over, not you. It's pretty clear that you live with your parents and can't grow because of that. and, even then, think about this: You'll have to dig a mile long trench to where ever the house is to hide your cord. You've got an interesting idea, but it won't happen. Don't risk your friend so that you can grow weed in a shack because you still live with your parents.

    Also, guerilla growers don't get caught that much, as long as you're not a jackass. Just grow off of the trail and you'll be fine.
  20. the extent you are trying to go to grow is ridiculous... the money you are seriously considering on spending on something like that, and all in a random shack in the woods? absurd, why not just rent a place and make an entire grow op in a bed room or something? 4 grand? thats like 3 months rent plus everything you need for a decent sized grow.

    and what are the security reasons anyway? if you want to be taken seriously about something like this then give us all the information, its not like we actually know who you are and are gonna try to narc you out. If you live with your parents just say Hey I live with my parents i need something extreamly discrete or whatever. Or I have a bitch face of a room mate, what ever the case is, there is no reason to personally attack someone over something as simple as this. this is completely anonymous anyway why not tell is whats going on? where here to help.

    people just don't like it when you try to hide things and still ask for advise. be honest.

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