electricity compared to other appliances etc. in dorm

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  1. I have two questions for you guys real quick. I am thinking of doin a microgrow or maybe start a clone in a minifridge stealth box in my dorm until summer time. I am confident I will be able to build an odor free box but my main concern is electricity in a dorm room. I know that I will try to use cfls but i am interested in the wattage i will need. It will only be for the vegetative stage. I will only do it if the electricity will not fluxuate enough to draw attention. so will the cfls draw more power than a minifridge kept on all the time?

    Secondly my concern is how private information is the is posted on this forum. Is there any way for it to be to be tracked back to the user, i am behind a firewall type login system at a major university?
  2. I wish you the best of luck in your grow! You can do a CFL mini grow in your dorm and it'd
    be no different than say, running a couple of 100W incandescent light bulbs all day. Get a couple extra lamps and don't use them or something if you need a decoy for your usage.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. thank you sir. sounds awesome, any strain recomendations for something i can keep relatively small and possibly take all the way to flowering indoors? something fairly easy but also some good stuff. thanks for the help!

    one question as to smell. If i rig up a nice airtight box save for one inlet and outlet fan and mask them with carbon filters will that do the trick?

  4. Lowryder strains, especially Lowryder x AK47 are the shit for low space stealth cabinet
    grows, as far as the discussion around here goes.

    Check out this awesome DIY carbon filter. -- I don't mean to link off-site but its just
    a great filter.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  5. thanks for the help- do you guys think that I should try for a scrog setup or something like that or just LST one maybe two plants? Also what is the max light wattage i can use to be on the absolute safe side? im pretty excited
  6. think about it like this. your average desktop computer has a 400w power supply. mine has a 700w power supply. so you could potentially run 400w of CFLs and it would just be the same as if you kept your PC on 24/7, which many people do. you shouldnt have anything to worry about. good luck with the grow :smoking:
  7. I think this whole thing is a bad idea. Dorm rooms are extremely close quarters, there is a very high chance you will get caught. Growing MJ requires the stealth that comes with a buffer of space that you don't have. Wait until you have your own place to grow, it's not worth the risk.
  8. I'm with Toasty on this one. Dorms can be quite difficult to manage a grow in. Not to mention bro, you're going to be risking sooooooooooo much, are ya sure ya just want a micro grow?

    Let's say ya spend 3-4 months setting it up, flowering, maintaining these plants all under a CFL. At the end, let's say ya get 1/2oz. Worth it? Not sure if I'd agree.
  9. A 400W power supply does not necessarily consume 400W all of the time. It will only
    eat what your computer is drawing.. most PC's run only around 220W or so, maybe less
    in some cases. Rarely more. A 700W PSU is just a big waste for so many people!

    Those wattage numbers only express what the unit is rated for at capacity.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  10. Thanks for the warnings guys! I appreciate it. I am just planning on getting these guys going in the veg stage in my dorm. I will be moving them to either a friends house or a house of my own by the time its time to flower. Do you think this is a horrible idea still, would really only be for a few months until it gets a little warmer.

    what is the latest possible time that you can transplant when the plants are in veg before you put them outside or something?
  11. It all depends on you. I would definetly do it, but that is because I'm me, and I don't mind taking a risk or two. With an operation that small the cops would be at the back of my mind, but what you do have to worry about are the people you live with and anyone who might stumble upon your grow, because they might try and steal your plants. So I would say if you don't mind running the risk of getting your plants jacked you should go ahead and do it. It's all about the risks you are willing to take, but I would think about all other possible risks for your situation and prepare for them (or at least realize them) before you decide to do it.
  12. he is right.. mom and dad are going to be mad when you get kicked out of school. wait till your not in a dorm.

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