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  1. Hey guys. 

    Quick question, running 100w of clfs and two 12w pc fans wouldn't effect the electricity bill too much would it? 

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    37kWh a month on 12/12 for your lights
    56kWh a month on 18/6 for your lights
    74kWh a month on 24/0 for your lights
    9kWh a month on 24/24 for your fans
    So look up your electricity kWh price and do the math  :metal:
  3. More than likely under $10 a month if your electricity costs ~10-15c a kWh

    My 1000W setup between 3 cabs costs about $30 a month for me

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    My 300w setup uses a little over $5 so no, it wouldnt affect it very much. Make sure to run them at night (or when the electricity rates go down in your area) and it should be a lot cheaper.
    Heres a calculator you can use http://www.rapidtables.com/calc/electric/electricity-calculator.htm
    Just find out the kWh rate of your electric company and you should know the rest
  5. I run a 400wat mh an a 600wat hps an I only see a increes when I swich of 20 dollars extra so my bill will be 48 for two months with all utilities an two months of 70$ I live in cali an my tear hits 3 witch is 36cents a watt good thang its 12/12 I wana go to 1000wat but will have to wait for a crop that blast off

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