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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by QuantumParadox, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I'm setting up my first grow in a tent a little over 4ft tall, a one plant deal to begin.

    I work full time and live alone. I plan on having 3fls at a time, one 4" in line fan, and one oscillating fan for the inside.

    If I run these during the day, when I'm working, should I worry about heat from the power source getting too hot and causing serious problems?

    I planned on using a power strip but will that work out and are there other options?
  2. CFL's?

    Make sure they cant fall down and your good.

    Electronic heat? If you wouldnt turn the thing on and leave it on your counter I wouldnt leave it running while away. If its a normal electronic device just make sure its on a sturdy base of wood or something similar and you should be fine. I used to worry about leaving my lights on when at work as well but I got used to it. (nothing should happen unless youve done something to cause it)
  3. For CFL's I would highly recommend buying some cheap wall mounting bulb holders I managed (in the UK) to get 2 x for about £3 and are great because not only do I not have to worry about them falling/slipping down, can place where needed and most importantly I think as long as you wire safely keeping joins insulated with tape etc away from cardboard and you will be just fine. I also like to use 80/100mm PC fans which move more air then you think.

    If noise is a problem then use mobile phone chargers as these will run the fans almost silently.
  4. You should not have problems with the small amount of equipment. Make sure all your electrical components are safe to use...
    You should have your lights/equipment on when you are at home to avoid any hazards if they do arise...

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