Electrical Related Raids - Real risk?

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    Hello Grasscity,

    As I continue to expand my *ahem* uh.. "love for Ganja."
    I am worried about ever increasing electricity usage.

    The house operates on Natural Gas for heating, water, stoves, everything..
    So, during the Winter the ALREADY LOW electric bill does not go up. It has been this way for years.

    I've been running (1) 600w HPS light using a Galaxy Ballast. I intend to continue running this light, and adding a twin. Along with that, I intend on implementing 4-5 CFL strips (10 lights total) and 10-12 pumps.

    My research has shown a variety of contradicting things.
    A: Pay your bills and you'll be fine.
    (2nd Post by "Mr. Ganja")
    B: You'll be raided and caught.
    (See here)
    C. You can be raided without having any Ganja!
    (See here)

    This is awfully confusing. There are alot of mixed messages being thrown around, but I'm looking for THE TRUTH. So, lets smoke some Ganja, clear our minds, and discover The Truth.

    -Peace and Ganja
    Healing Of Nations
  2. High electricity bills may be enough to get you noticed, though in most places it won't be, and in even more, it won't be enough to get you raided if you aren't screwing anything else up.

    Either way, one or two 600 watt lights isn't even close to the range that could give you any issues. Those kind of bills come from running multiple 1k lights in a commercial grow.

  3. x2..what he said....The only time electricity usage will draw a red flag is if your using multiple 1kw lights atleast..
  4. Wonderful.

    What about particular spikes in electricity? Example, when my lights flip on? I've heard that the major spike in electricity consumption can lead to suspicion.

    Is there any TRUTH to this?

    -Peace and Ganja
    Healing Of Nations
  5. i wouldnt worry about it brotha......if you want you could have one light turn on a few mins before the 2nd one so that it will not spike at once..
  6. If you want to avoid spikes, just stagger your light and pump start up by 15 or 20 minutes rather than turning the whole mess on at once.
  7. without probable cause to search they cant. if your energy bill is slightly higher it could be contributed to many things. a new fridge in the garage a new computer running all the time.. space heaters in the winter....etc....like stated before if you're suddenly spiking a huge amount of new power they might think something is up but usually the rule of thumb i have heard is never push more then 4000watts in the same area of your house. another thing as long as your not stealing it and your paying for it its not any of their business or concern.so with 600-1200-2000 watts you would be fine.
  8. *probable cause would be stealing electricity or pumping out 4000-6000 watts randomly lol
  9. Where I live there is no way to monitor a "spike". Only the ability to read my meter once a month. ;)

    My bigger concern at least for me is LE helicopters with inferred which is why I only have
    one 400w light but I'm sure I could push it to more without glowing in the dark up there :wave:
  10. Done. Two questions answered. Only 97 more problems to go.

    +Check your rep.

    -Peace and Ganja
    Healing Of Nations

  11. But a bitch ain't one. ;)

    lol, sorry, had to.

    on topic: idk, tough to separate fact from fiction. I have noticed, however, that a lot of "news" stories that say high electric usage actually were stolen power or informants or other tips that were probably the initiating factor. Realistically, does anyone think cops are plowing through random people's power bills looking for high-usage? I don't. I think they pull that after some other tip-off as bolster the amount of evidence for search warrants & court cases.
  12. Hello friends... just want to throw some legality to this issue.

    In order for your house to be legally searched one of three things must occur:

    1. You give consent to the authorities to enter your home and look around (I won't even say how bad of an idea that is).

    2. Authorities produce a warrant.

    3. Authorities witness something that suggest a crime is in progress.

    Now, unless you allow authorities to enter your home or have a dank weed smell coming from your house, the only other way they can enter is if they have a warrant. The 4th amendment protects citizens rights and says that authorities must have "probable cause" even before the warrant is issued. That means there has to be proof implicating you in a crime before they can even get a warrant.

    All this to say- don't be an idiot, don't draw attention to yourself, don't sell a dime and then walk home smoking, and NEVER allow authorities to enter your home without a warrant and you'll be fine. A spike in electricity is not probable cause, though it does not hurt to have a reason why your bill has spiked if (and that is a HUGE HUGE if) someone comes a knocking asking questions.

    One last thing- if they do have a warrant, you are pretty much fucked so just cooperate.
  13. I'm sorry, this L.E. Helicopter thing is new to me, but how could one 600 watts H.P.S. be singled out?:confused:
  14. Kill A Watt Electrical Usage Power Meter SM-P3-P4400

    right there, i love mine :hello:
  15. ive noticed even when i plug my 400W hps in it doesnt spike, if your light is like mine it starts out like regular light then within 2-3 minutes is at full power, obviously not spiking.

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