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  1. Have a laundry room in my house, the breaker panel tells me both outlets are 30 amp, meant to run washer and dryer. I have a veg and flower tent, both 1000w each. Wondering what's the max I could do off the outlets?
  2. Each outlet is on its own separate 30 amp breaker? And are both 110/120v, or is one for the dryer 220/240v?

    Simple formula: watts = volts x amps. So assuming 110/120v, and for safety using only 80% of capacity, that means each breaker can handle about 2650 watts.
  3. well I do not know what you mean by the panel says both outlets are 30amp......in a normal laundry room for a washer and dryer unit that are electric and not gas you would have a 20amp 120volt receptacle and a 30amp 220volt dryer plug AND that would be a piece of 10-2 or 10-3 depending on when your house was wired. If it is a 3 holed dryer plug then it is a 10-2 and if it has four holes for the dryer plug then it has 10-3 (in theory if done by legit electrician) this would be the best scenario because then you can set a 30amp sub panel right there and run your little set up any way you want..........you will not have your dryer plug anymore though........Hope you have a clothes line.

    More details about what you got there..........:cool:


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