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Electrical help...60w -> 125w

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Xavior, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. I'm thinking about putting 4x 125w CFL bulbs into a chandeller (spelling) fixture from home depot because it holds the lights virtually horizontal and is already wired...the socket are too small, but for like $10 I can get a mogul>socket stepdown.

    My question is that each of the sockets on the fixture say 60w, and I'm wondering if home depot didnt go the extra mile and only put electrical wiring strong enough for 4x 60w.

    Can a 240w wired fixture handle 500w of heavy CFL bubs?

    Hope that makes sense...
    I couldnt find a picture of the one I was very simple...and only costs like $7
    imagine something like that only not fancy and holding the lights very nearly horizontal.
  2. i would have like two of those over top of 4 buckets each...

    id place the buckets in square groups of 4....thats the man. photo

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  3. no one knows? :(
  4. Invest in a small HPS 400watt would be great or a LITTLE SMALLER 250WATT. You'll thank yourself later. The lights your talking about is very ineffecient. Cheaper is not always better.

  5. if it is meant to hold 270 watts or 250 watts that's the maximum load that fixture can handle. Putting more wattage than the fixture can handle can lead to electrical fires.

    The fixture would light all that wattge but the internal wiring would over heat of if the circut is broken an overload will occure and melt(or worse) start a fire.

    Becareful, Greenbudz

    PS the investment in the 400watt hps is the best it will save you electricity and give the palnts a better spectrum of light, saving you money in the long run and giving your plantsa the best spectrum possible
  6. well i meant envirolites, but im getting the same feeling at most sites, HID seems like the better choice....

    how close to the plants/ceiling can a 400w get?
  7. not as efficient?

    i thought that was the whole deal with them... that they produced more light per watt than all the alternatives.

    have i been misled by the advertisements?
  8. i dindnt even know they made 125w cfl's. i think they are the equivilent to a 125w incandesent the flouro itself is only about 40w..... can you post a picture of the light?
  9. cfls emit thre light out the sides if you used that fixture your walls would be well lit but below would be a dead spot. if you haev the room floro tubes are the way to go. And tubes can go in boxes as small as 13". But hps is the way to go and cheaper when you add it up with prices of bulbs vs price of single 150 home depot or $100 hps from the link under johns sig.
  10. the 150w home depot HPS is $45. and there are 150w HPS lights online for as little as $35. its in cheap grow supplies\/ \/ \/

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