Electrical current left in the surrouding atmosphere

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  1. I was wondering if hps lights or led lights either cheaply made or well made would suffer from electricity leakage and therefore filling a rooms atmosphere with maybe static electricity which im no scientist or doctor but could effect your brain or body in a negitive way?

    I know of a few people who have grow cabinets in their bedroom with lights that are hanging directly at the level of where their body is while they sleep only a metre or twp away. If the lights left on for the entire time that they sleep every night and there is in fact electricity leaking from these lights. Wouldn't this begin to have a negitive effect on the persons brain and/or reproductive organs over a prolonged period of time?Maybe evening eventually causing cancer/tumors from the radiation left in the air?

    If anyones got a degree in science please feel free to step in and correct me. Maybe im over thinking this one.
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    What the fuck? Electricity leakage?
    I don't know if you're joking or not
  3. If this were the case, the fat metal halide on my house on the outside of the wall my headboard is against would have caused problems for me and everyone who lived in my house before me.
  4. I was refering to cheap lights with cheaply insulated wiring. I know they can give off alot of leaked electrical current and leaked electricity will congregate in a room that isn't properly ventilated.

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  5. Electricity doesn't work that way boss...

    I'd be more worried about your WiFi.
  6. The old style magnetic ballasts could cause RF interference which could screw around with TV and phone reception. But I think your brain/genetalia are safe for now...
  7. Tin foil caps are effective in preventing electricity leakage from damaging brain cells.
  8. Not electrical but interference can leak out into the cable system. Try a radio, find a clear am channel with the light off, once the channel is pretty clear turn the light on, if there is any distortion then it is causing interference. I worked for the cable company for years and on top of the vans there is leakage gear, so while we are driving around from job to job it will beep when interference is detected and I could pin point the exact house when I drive by. My digi ballast was doing just that so I ditched it for a magnetic ballast. Good luck cause its scary as shit when I seen about 5 cable maintenance trucks for a 2 month span all around my house. I kept the lights off from 9am to 9pm so they could never find the leak. I havent seen them since I changed my ballast and I can breathe now. Lol

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