Electrical Connections For Lights And Fans - 1St Pc Grow Case

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    Powering fans - amp/voltage/size, Lights electrical connections with diagramphotos using my phone. I tried to reduce the file size from 2Mb to 89kb taking the pictures again on lower res. but still it says you arent permitted to upload this type of file
    ..... What am i doing wrong?

    Elec setup.jpg
    Wires - wall sockets - lights - splitter.jpg
    <div>Question 1a) I would be grateful to anyone who could have a look at the above and tell me if it's okay. 
    Question 1b) I am using a timer for the lights, the timer had a 13A rating - is this safe to use? All 3 wallsockets holding the bulbs will be connected to the timer. 

    I have another question regarding ventilation: I have 2 size 120mm fans, and 5 or 6 size 80mm fans and one 40mm one. 
    Im not sure which combo to use for exhaust:

    1) 3 size 80mm fans OR
    2) 1 size 120mm fan? 

    Question 1: Are 3 medium fans more efficient than 1 large(r) fan? 

    I cant tell the rotation speed but i gather that the Ampage on each fan, is an indication of its max rotation speed, right?
    If so, should i use a 0.27A fan rather than a 0.12A one? 

    Question 2: Should i use fans with higher amp? 

    Powering the fans:

    I understand that my charger amp rating should be higher than my total amp for all fans connected. E.g. 3 fans at 0.12A = 0.36A total; would need a charger with a rating of at least 0.40A (400mA).

    Q 3: Is the above correct regarding the amp etc?

    Now for the voltage. Fans are at 12V. I got a charger that outputs 12V with Amp rating of 1.25A.

    Q 4: Is a 12V charger (or adaptor) good for connecting all my fans (as long as the total Amp is below the adaptor's amp rating) ? 

    Q 5:What is the effect of using a lower voltage than 12V? 

    Q 6: As long as my charger's amp rating exceeds my total fan amp rating, does it matter what my charger's voltage is? 

    I have seen quite a few comprehensive and helpful threads and therefore joined this forum to first get advice and hopefully give some advice too at some point.

    So thanks in advance for any replies and good luck with your grows!


  2. if you use lower voltage it will run slower.
    if your charger is say 1amp and you only use 400ma then thats fine it will only draw 400ma from charger i found an xbox psu was great for running up to 6 fans as it as 3 12v lines :)

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