Electric Scooters.. Stupid?

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  1. Wassup blades. I'm looking for a fun and *cheap* vehicle for the summer. I'm 19 in college with a car, insurance, and an apartment, so cheap is pretty mandatory.
    Was looking around, and I'm looking at an electric scooter. Cheap to buy, no insurance and gas, seems fun to ride.
    I found a 2012 500W (goes about 20 mph) for $600 online.. could probably haggle lower.
    What do ya think? Waste of money & absolutely ridiculous looking? The insurance on an actual motorcycle is FAR too expensive

  2. $600 seems like a lot. You can get a crappy dirtbike that's faster for a lot less money.

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  3. The dirt bike has to be under 50cc to be legal to ride without being licensed, like anything else. I'd search around and compare models and the ups and downs/price range of each and make a decision. Electric scooters are only uncool to the people that are too insecure to ride them
  4. Yeah I wouldn't spend $500 on a scooter. Buuuuut a cheap electric scooter isn't stupid imo, I'd get one no sweat! But you could get a moped for that price too :p
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    What is the advantage to a vehicle that only moves 20 mph?  I can literally bike half that speed constantly
    If I read you right, you're looking to save money -- always a virtuous thing. This means you will sell the car and just use the scooter . . . right?
  7. You aren't sweating by the time you get to class and waking up to a bicycle at 6am, while hungover, sucks
  8. You might be sweating if its warm at all outside. 
    But yeah, to each their own.
  9. Go for it. With the price of gas, registration, tune up and insurance, you will save money
  10. All depends on his distance from campus
  11. No, I wasn't planning on selling my car.
    Just looking for a fun "toy" for the summertime that is also cheap. 
    Well then, go for it.
  13. riding a scooter gas or electric is like fucking a fat girl; its fun until your friends find out!
  14. ^^ very good
  15. my wife just bought one fun..... I used to ride motocross so its not as fun as that but really it is fun to ride
  16. Gas > electric
    I rather go and get my motorcycle license and get a cheap 250cc motorcycle that can do 60mph
    much better off in the long run
  17. ^^ I have a 150 cc scooter that will go 60mph :)
    But I agree with the above.  Get something that will at least keep up with traffic.  Or get a bike.  An electric scooter- or any 50cc scooter for that matter- is the worst of both worlds. 
    (unless you live on a small island or something where slow scooters are the norm)
  18. 600 for something slower then a bike is pretty silly IMO. You don't have to be insecure to dislike scooters. I'm probably too comfortable in my own skin, but my skin has no business on a moped, or motorcycle for that matter even a badass hog or fastest sports bike. Some of us just aren't 2 wheelers.

    60mph would be fun, but as long as you can keep up with intown 30mph or so then whatever. Here at least, motorized shit isn't allowed to use sidewalks so having something motorized that can't keep up with city traffic is mind boggling to me.
  19. Get a road bike for 600, its faster than an electric scooter and you won't be a pussy
  20. If you live in L.A. you could get run down on one of those things. Be careful.

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