electric power for closet grow

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  1. just curious how people running electric into their closets. Running extension cord from outside closet?
  2. I have a bunch of tanks with gerbils moving wheels to make my electricity.
  3. Hahah
  4. I have a donkey spinning a giant wooden wheel in circles.. pirates of the carribean style
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    I find hampsters to deliver the smoothest, most consistant power flow.
  6. What a bunch of dicks. Lol. :D
  7. I registered my house as an apartment building.

    Then, I had my closet registered as an apartment.

    Then, I had the electric company install a counter and a main powerline for that "apartment"

    I had the apartment leased under a shell corporation

    So if ever the electric company gets suspicious or the police comes, I blame the shell corporation registered in the cayman islands.

  8. there are so many reduculous loop holes in EVERYTHING anymore that I am having a difficult time discerning if this is a very creative joke, or if this could be pulled off.
  9. So by any chance are you involved in REI? ;) Me to if you are...
  10. I know I know...dumb question I suppose. I'm just trying to think of ways to somewhat conceal an extension cord going to my closet
  11. oh you should have started with that.

    If you got a light in the closet : you can easily find at walmart an adapter that fits into a light socket and you'll get two power outlets + 1 light bulb socket on the adapter.
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    Run it under the carpet.

    Even better.
  13. Perfect! Just what i was looking for...Didn't know about the adapter, learn something new everyday :)
  14. It looks like that, but... a lot more compact. Fits in the palm of your hand.

  15. lost one trying to run my 150watt... poor fluff ..:mad:
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    Certainly you must have a friend who is or works for an electrician...someone at least knowledgeable enough to pull from the from switch (or worst case the lighting fixture) i your closet and snap in a new outlet. For a setup of this size the draw on the circuit is likely to be negligible (unless your house and the wiring therein is especially antiquated). if you run aground on how to perform the necessary surgery, I can probably walk you through it.

    That said, I'm of the mind that ventilation would be more of an issue.


    I wire, plumb, and vent 9-14 grow facilities in Southern California per month...from closets to warehouses. Feel free to hit me with your questions. My philosophy is POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Pardon the Pun or Don't.
  17. LMAO

    Somehow, I think this would work.

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