Electric forest 2014

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  1. Just purchased my forest ticket today!! I've had my fair share of shows but This is going to be my first festival ever so I'm really really excited and a little nervous. What should I expect?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Damn i was gonna try to go to EF this year but i missed Early bird tickets. Everything is basically sold out except general admission. lol. Maybe next year :)
  3. Yeahh those all sold out within like a day. I got a general admission ticket for almost 300 I'm on a payment plan for it lol so I'm paying about 60 bucks a month for itSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    i got my tickets last week its gonna be awesome!!! , its my first time going so i have no clue what to expect either.
  5. Damn have fun u guys. Im jelouse 
  6. A lot of people are disappointed with the line up and I understand theres not as many big names especially when it comes to like the dub but I'm excited to see some if these names I've never heard of

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  7. This is only the initial lineup , their are more to be announced so I'm hoping for some big names

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  8. I was waiting for the lineup before I purchased tickets -- and I am pretty glad.
    I love STS9 and saw them at EF in 2012 but this lineup is pretty weak to me. EF 2012 was great with String Cheese, STS, Girl Talk, Bassnectar, Griz, etc.
    I'm going to try to go to Bonnaroo instead if the lineup is as good as it's rumored to be (with STS9 playing there as well).
  9. The spring awakening line up is pretty impressive it was what I was hoping more for forest

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  10. Big dub yall.

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