Electric company installed new meters should I be worried

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  1. The small town I live in sent out a city worker to our apartment to change everybody's electric meters to new electronic looking ones. Should I be concerned as a grower could they somehow monitor my usage and report it.

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  2. No ,,, the electric company first sends letters saying you power usage is up and do you want them to come out and find out why ...
    I think meter readers are becoming a thing of the past . and it soon will be all computerized.
    I don't know this for sure but I think the power company notifying the police over high power bills isn't done anymore or was never done .
  3. How much power are you using to grow (wattage of your grow light)?
  4. Not much at all in fact some neighbors use more than I do when I go to check the meters myself. I was just mainly worried thinking they could monitor usage based on timeframes of my wall timer turning on and off at certain times I was worried they could figure that stuff out or something

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  5. I don't know what "not much at all" means but I'm guessing you're only growing a couple of plants with maybe a 600w fixture. If I were worried about it, I would change out your most used household light bulbs to CFL or LED in an amount that roughly compensates for the grow light. Personally though, I wouldn't worry about it unless I were growing with 2 or more 1kW fixtures or something.
  6. I got one of those letters saying that we were using 30% more electricity than the neighbors.
    But it's only about one extra kilowatt.
    Nothing happended after the letter.
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  7. I am always "learly" about those meters......that's just because I know how Companies are....money money money is all the see......
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  8. LOL I remember when the meters could be pulled out and plugged in upside down and you could run the meter backwards .
  9. I get the letter saying my kilowatt usage is up from the past years.
    I have about 6000 watts of lighting fans and pumps on 12 hours per day
    Summer time the power bill goes up because of the swamp coolers .
    My power bill runs 250.00 month .
    It was 180.00 before summer and before the new power rates went up .
    I expect 250 to 300.00 a months in power bills .
  10. Our electric cost here is roughly $110 a month plus an additional 50 for sewage and water only lights I have running is 3 1200 watt morsen lights and 1 1000 watt morsen along with a 150watt sandalwood all run for 16 hours a day

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  11. Eventually they’ll be monitoring our bowel emptying frequency.
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