electric bill solution??

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  1. not really sure if this is possible, but could you buy an inverter, a car battery, power strip, 4 sockets that a light bulb could screw into, and hook them all up and use it as a power source to run your fan, and lights?
  2. No it will not
  3. well you could, but it wouldn't work for very long. Anyone who has left their lights on overnight can tell you, the car won't start the next day. And once the battery gets 70% or so depleted, then you'll experience voltage loss that will dim the lights.

    All in all, bad idea.
  4. darn i thought that would work.
  5. are you growing in your parents house, and that is what you are worried about? if so, just only grow 1 or 2 plants, and don't exceed 10 CFL's. My light bill is only going up 12 dollars a month for my 8 lights, hardly noticeable.
  6. Even if it did work, you would spend more on the battery and inverter than you would on electricity...
  7. so is there an alternative when growing inside that's my biggest concern my light bill????????????? generator?????????
  8. Whats the big concern? The extra $10-$20 a month?
  9. so if your running 2 400w hps your light bill will only be 20 more dollars?????????????
  10. I REALLY think we need MORE info in order to REALLY answer this question! I just bought the T5 fixture for vegging and it only increased my electricity bill $8 American. MOST systems for a "few" plants is only going to increase your bill $20 to $40 AT MOST!!!
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  12. If you're sticking with that plan to run a "power strip, 4 sockets that a light bulb could screw into" then you're only talking about a few household CFLs, that would be less per month than a trip to McDonald's...

  13. A natural gas burning generator maybe.

    But imho its not worth it unless its so large of an operation that the electricity use really can't be explained in a home (10k+ watts).

    If you don't pay the electric bill, stick to a few cfls. If you do, pony up and pay whatever it costs to run the lights.

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