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  1. I found this article interesting; see below, concerning the Electoral College. I have no idea of its validity; it was forwarded to me via an email buddy.

    Whether Democrat, Republican or Independent, here's something to think about:
    We hear a cacophony of blaring and bleating from the media that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote and therefore she should be president:

    Clinton: 60,839,497 votes, 47.8%
    Trump: 60,265,847 votes, 47.3%
    Others candidates at 4.9%

    Here is a more in-depth analysis:
    Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to Clinton’s 20 including D.C.,
    Trump: 62%
    Clinton: 19%

    Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.
    Clinton won California 5,860,714 to Trumps 3,151,821 votes, 61.6% to 33.1% (exclusive of the other candidates).
    Thus California gave Hillary the popular vote for all states as claimed by the Democrats and their media supporters.

    But deduct her California vote from her national vote, it leaves her with 54,978,783, and deduct Trumps California vote from his national total, it leaves him with 57,113,976, he wins in a landslide in the total for the other 49 states, 51.3% to her 48.7%.

    So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin.

    This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the vote of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others.

    With our voter registration available when getting a driver's license combined with undocumented immigrants allowed driver's licenses we have no controls in place to keep non-citizens from voting.

    So I ask you, frankly, do you REALLY want California voters to elect your presidents for you, or any other heavily populated state? It would be like the tail wagging the dog. The average state has 8.7 members in the US House of Reps. California has 53. If states weren't restricted to two senators each, CA would have 12.

    Without the Electoral College, candidates would only need to campaign in CA and NY....all they'd need to win.
    The founding fathers never cease to amaze us with their foresight and wisdom.
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  2. Hillary president of Cali? + Pelosi # Hillancy # clintosi. a match made in heaven. They deserve each other.
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  3. Your numbers are way off.
    You must have gotten your information from Fox News........you know, Always Fair, Always Balanced.
    Clinton - 65,853,514
    tRump - 62,948,828
    Google is your friend.......you show less than a 600,000 difference, when in reality it was closer to 3 Million.
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  4. Here is a map of county by county nationwide from the 2016 election. Basically you could only win 4-5 states and win a national election. If you carried, NY, CA, IL, TX and FL, you could win. Of course those states all hate each other so it would never happen. Red is republican, blue is democrats. Personally I don't want a handful of counties on both coasts to decide who's President.
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  5. I found this article interesting; see below, concerning the Electoral College. I have no idea of its validity; it was forwarded to me via an email buddy.

    Not my numbers, one of those email things. I'm open to opinions since I don't have one.
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  6. Dontcha think that state has suffered enough?
  7. Never gave it any thought
  8. I get it. :)
    Unfortunately that's how misinformation gets interpreted as true..........that's why I check several sources for the truth.
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  9. Judging from the outcome we would have been better off letting California elect the president.
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  10. So in texas: we have houston, austin, San anton, Dallas and forth worth. These city’s have at least a few Million. And then u have country texas which is small community like. The democrats target everyone in the cities for their messaging. U can see it in the voting. The city’s will vote for Biden, while the smaller communities vote for trump. Total opposites

    U will see it soon. I am sure they will get a democrat in as a governor. Just have to keep hitting the cities and they will eventually outvote the rural areas

    u have all these people from
    New York cali and other states moving here. They move to the cities and they become subjected to the messaging. Hell they knock on everyone’s door ‘reaching out’ to the public during voting season
  11. Don't mess with Texas....
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  12. I had some democrats knock on my door before the last election fundraising,(my town is mostly dems), I answered the door with a gun on my hip. Loved to see them sweat...
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  13. With the country at large it's clear that masses of stupid people that want communism flock to big cities. So they occupy these small spaces in large numbers and want horrible things. There's too many of these idiots that the popular vote will be a majority of moron voters, even though they physically are fairly contained mostly.

    At this point I'd rather see the US split into 2 or more new countries. All we've done is sway further and further away from what this country was supposed to be. Most people are too pussy and too stupid to handle what America was meant to be.
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  14. The idiot Communists in the big cities are the ones who made/make the US the financial powerhouse it is. They might be pussies, etc but without them the US would be akin to one of those ex Soviet block hillbilly countries…
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  15. Exactly. I live in Southern GA and we're getting a lot of libs from FL who think GA is more liberal than FL. I've had people go crazy when I walk into a grocery store with a gun on my hip, I mean literally screaming to call the police because I have a gun. I'm guessing a third of the people in my area open or conceal carry. It blows the minds of these liberals who see us. Except for Atlanta which is Fulton County, GA is extremely conservative. Our country needs to break apart into groups of states who think alike and have the same values. Obviously states like OR and Idaho are complete opposites, have nothing in common. California is like an open sewer, I have no idea why ANYONE would want to live there.
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  16. This is exactly why states should be states and not influenced by the federal
    Government. Each state should be its own and unique to its self.
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  17. I always thought people considered GA more conservative than FL and one of the most conservative states in general. Ofc Atlanta is a joke though. OR is actually largely conservative (just look how they vote by county) but again, big cities filled with idiots control the state, it's bullshit.

    When I move to a "free" state I'd definitely go concealed carry over open carry to avoid those NPCs. That as well as tactical reasons. (Good Colion Noir vid on it if ur interested)

    Idk if you ever watch 1st amendment audits on youtube but the amount of retards that think you can't film them or take their picture in public spaces is astounding. (And that's a right in EVERY state). I'm sure the amount of people who don't know their state's concealed carry laws is even higher. Definitely not worth dealing with those idiots and then possibly having police attempt to harass you considering how many of them are clueless as well.
  18. Excellent post my friend..To this day I am not convinced that brain dead Biden got 81 million votes. What we have is a Putin puppet in the white house that received Millions from Moscow. Maybe one day we will find out what the three million to the Biden family from the Russians bought.
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  19. i just cant wait till the ringer starts on the family, im sick of hillary and they have made trump no fun anymore, just same crap, need a new comic stripe as in bidens, dont forget about the love doll harris either hahahah
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  20. Locked And Loaded: Concealed Carry Gun Law Awaiting Florida Gov. DeSantis Signature - NewsBreak

    Florida, long dubbed the “gunshine state,” is one stroke of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ pen away from allowing people to carry guns without concealed weapons licenses.

    The Senate on Thursday gave final approval to a measure (HB 543) that would allow people to carry concealed weapons without having to meet requirements such as firearms training and background screening. The House approved the bill last week, and DeSantis has pledged to sign it.

    Under the measure, people carrying concealed firearms would be required to have valid identification and be able to “display such identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer.”
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