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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cannibus69, May 16, 2003.

  1. If i am running 2 75 watt light bulbs 24/7 for a 1 or month and a half straight is that enough for the cops to get tipped off? if not how many more can i use without becoming ovious that something is going down.
  2. 75 watt what kind hps or a regular bulb?
  3. Nope, thats the equivelent of leaving a porch light on,

    You really need to get over 1000 watts before it might get noticed.

    Ive heard of people running whole room set ups and not having any problems, except until right after they start selling it,
  4. lol this is the question for the week!
  5. it is just normal bulbs, i only want to do about 2 - 3 plants of super afghani at first... just making every precaution not to get caught.
  6. Good thinking...but normal bulbs are the wrong spectrum of light for growing mj.
  7. dont worry these bulbs put out about 3000 per and i am only doing 2 so i am giogn to use 3 lights. O yah they are specially designed for growing too (agro-lite)
  8. Where did you buy these lights? I might buy one if they are like the son agro lights, but do they need ballast or have one built in?

    *after doing the math*

    Thats horrible effeciency if they only put out 40 lumens per watt and my compact floros put out 55 lumens per watt. Or are you using a compact (curley) floro light thats advertised as 75 watt but is only ~20 watts draw (look on the bulb).
  9. i bought them at my local Px and they are Philips agro light and i got some info from greenmanspage.com and it said it emites about 3000 per so i will do 2 plants with 3 lights. the name of the bulb is Philips Agro - Lite For plant growth.
  10. Myself....I use the sun its the best light ever and comes in all spectrums and produces really green leaves:)

    But do what works man
  11. yah, i am going to use the sun too and the lights. Hopefully it is super good!!!
  12. http://www.overgrow.com/tools/powercost.php?s=

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