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  1. Does anyone just get ripped and play the shit out of Oblivion?
    I mean its just so trippy :smoke:
  2. Yeah, great game. I remember buying and playing it right when it came out when no one else i knew played it. Once it hit game of the year, many of my friends started it up.

    Can't wait for Skyrim.
  3. Hell yeah man. When it first came out, I put like 180 hours into one character, then like 80 onto another character. Then went from xbox 360 to pc version and did a new character with like 24 hours or something on the time slot. With all that time, I never beat the game. There was so much shit to do, I seriously forgot about the main quest. I discovered so much weird trippy shit on that game, like running out in the woods and finding a lost love letter, or a body on top of a mountain that was killed by some abominable snow man. There's lot of random shit in that game. Im definitely looking forward to the next game cuz I havent played a game for more than an hour or two in a few years. Games bore me now, but the next Elder Scrolls is gonna be the shit!
  4. I've never been able to get into that game and all of my friends have and talk about it a lot, I feel out of place.
  5. The intro really didn't excite me all that much but once you break out of the sewers area...it really is an amazing game. ;)
  6. I love smoking a bowl or two and zoning out to oblivion. My favorite thing to do is close oblivion gates. The battles in there are super intense. Just wandering is amazing as well.

    Skyrim is going to be the shit.

  7. I love Oblivion. I am master of all all the guilds and arena champion. I just staqrted the main quest the other day so I am still low in the Blades. There are a couple really fucked up quests. One in particular is where you drink this drug and murder an entire village because they look like goblins. That was definately a WTF moment.
  8. I'm playing through this again on pc using marts monster mod, I highly recommend it.
  9. i have morrowind. i like the games but idk they sort of annoy me to the point where i stop playing lol. there will be like side quests and shit where i just have no idea where im suppost to be going then i get aggitated then i stop...
  10. does anyone here run morrowind on vista 64 bit?
    i was thinking about getting it on steam earlier but i'm not too confident that it'll run great

  11. i run it good on xp but vista has its problems.. i think you could run it though
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    With just over 140 hours, I completed everything I possibly could without using mods in Oblivion. Now I'm using a few mods here and there for more content. I have one that allows me to join the Blackwood Company and do quests for them. One that allows me to become a pirate and do some crazy quests there. One that rebuilt Kvatch and opened up a ton of quests there as well.

    It's pretty awesome. I feel bad for those who don't have it on PC and can't take advantage of the mods. It totally creates an entirely new game.

    Not on Vista, but I run it on Windows 7 64bit Home Premium just fine. I haven't run into a single issue. If you do, you can always change the compatibility mode to XP. That should fix any issue.
  13. don't be dude, i just recently borrowed oblivion from a friend and just couldnt finish it. much to slow paced, very out dated graphics, bad animation voice work, ages upon ages of loading, like too much, slow paced story and dull side fetch quests and clunky combat. i wanted to like oblivion cuz skyrim looks sick but now i'm just passing on the elder scrolls series just isnt my cup of tea i guess, i like fallout better anyway. doesnt take itself so serious.
  14. I agree with a lot of what you said, but I still love the game. A lot more than I love the fallout series. Fallout seems so much slower than Oblivion in my opinion.

    The main quest line is definitely not a strong point for Oblivion. The faction/guild quests are what made that game in my opinion. The thieves guild is my favorite. I wish it never would have ended. That and the Dark Brotherhood. Both are pretty amazing.

  15. Kvatch reopened :eek: lol what kinda rig are you running oblivion on? I have it on 360 but I feel like I'm missing out on so much more haha
  16. man i've played so much morrowind and oblivion. i'm pretty stoked for skyrim, they've really improved the combat.
  17. 4gbs DDR2 RAM
    ATI 4850 graphics card
    AMD Phenom X4 9600 black edition processor
    Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 mobo

    This comp is now like two and a half years old. It could be built for like $400 probably cheaper without case. I mean, because for 500-600 you can build a pretty up to date budget beast.
  18. I liked Oblivion, I played it on my PS3 first but then got it for pc. I like it much more on pc and the Nehrim mod make a whole new game out of it :) Even if I am stuck on Nehrim :eek::smoke:
  19. I've put in way too many hours of my life into the Elder Scroll series starting with Daggerfall, and I've yet to beat any of them. I get distracted by the side quests and mods.

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