Elder Scrolls Oblivion Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Mr Stoned, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. This game is just fucking WOW! Morrowind was my favourite game for so long and it was crushing not be able to play Oblivion when it came out because my system couldn't run it. I mean, I was actually gutted, so when I got a 360 Oblivion was the first game I got and MY WORD SIR what a game. It's so fucking IMMERSIVE! You become the person you play for the duration of the session and when you're high as a kite, MY WORD SIR you are transcended to new levels of enjoyment. The game is the fucking bomb and it in my humble, by far the most enjoyable game to play after a nice fat j, or a few heavy bongs. I could, and have, spent all day caining green and playing Oblivion and have some had a fucking amazing time.


    Name: Kerraskor Asherru
    Race: Nord
    Level: 28
    Play Style: Spellsword
    Full Enchanted Daedric Armour with the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
    Goldbrand and Spell Breaker

  2. I've been thinking about getting this game, but I've heard that it's riddled with bugs and glitches and that the 360 version isn't nearly as good as the PC one.
  3. I wasted so much time on that game.

    I was a woodelf stealth guy. I made my own class.

    Don't remember any of the gear.
  4. I've played the 360 and PS3 versions, 360 was worse but the game is just as awesome and addictive as ever. You won't be disappointed whatever platform you choose.

    MY WORD SIR I can't remember shit about my character but I've played 120 hours on PS3 and 80 on 360...
  5. I haven't played in forever but I have full Glass Armor, another set of Glass Armor with 25% Chameleon on each piece so I'm fully invisibile, and pretty much every major weapon in the game.

    I've beaten all story lines and done every shrine quest thingy.

    Yea it has glitches, but they're not glitches that prevent you from progressing through the game, they're glitches that let you dupe items and things of that nature.
  6. Name: What the fragglomatic my character has a name?
    Race: Imperial
    Level: 23
    Can't tell you my equips of the top of my head. Doesn't really matter either because if i'm ever in a tight spot I can just make myself invisible, which kinda makes the game wayyyyy to easy.

    Beaten the story and all guilds apart from the magicians guild, which i'm gonna complete next weekend or whenever I have time too do so.
  7. LOL I used to manipulate the glitch to duplicate items.

    I'd just dupe like 150 super health potions, a shit load of energy potions, and would go to town on basically every monster. That game is the fucking shit. I would always ditch my character cause I wanted a new style, hahaha.
  8. Pretty awesome game, I had an epic setup for weapons. I had goldbrand, umbra, and the ebony blade. I also had Azuras star which was a grand soul gem with unlimited uses, the umbra also casts soul trap on everything it hits, so I would never ever run out of energy for any of my weapons since I would just keep on refilling the azuras star with the umbra. I also had the skeleton key which is a lock pick that never brakes.

    I think I had my sneak up to 130 or something stupid like that so I could pretty much sneak up to someone, hit them, and they still wouldnt see me. Has anyone played the shivering isles? That place is so sweet, the environments are so trippy and the inhabitants and quests are so crazy and ridiculous. Unfortunately I left my disc at a friends house and havent been able to find it since :(
  9. How can you dupe items? And man I'm fucking annoyed, I bought a black horse yesterday for 5000 and the thing got slayed by a Minotaur Lord and some bandits within half an hour !
  10. Do the Thieve's Guild quest line. You get one of the fastest horses in the game around the middle of it, and it's invincible.
  11. Fuck Yea I was waiting for this thread!
    I sometimes like to make a Chuck Norris guy with with like 260 all skills including health using the console :)

    I have all the plug ins except Shivering.
    never get bored of this game

    not after the patches, PC is although, superb to console version.

    Game copy world, get a noDVD crack.
  12. Erk?

    Are you talking about Shadowmere? Because i'm pretty sure you get that horse at the end of the dark brotherhood questline......
  13. Favorite game to play when I'm baked as hell. Steath ftw!

  14. I played through on PC and had a blast.
  15. Haha yea Dark Brotherhood, my bad.

    It isn't the end of the questline though. It's about 60% in.
  16. Hey can you take Oblivion out of the title and have it be "The Elder Scrolls Appreciation Thread". I love Morrowind, Oblivion and I play Daggerfall occasionally.
  17. I've got a level 23 argonian with like 115 marksman and 120 sneak, with a bunch of the dark brotherhood pieces on, haven't played oblivion in a while though, I might just pop it in again, I didn't know anyone still really played it.

    I used to have a mage dude who was like level 25 with almost all his magic skills maxed, but it was wayy too easy just to blow dudes away, I was basically a god, haha:D
  18. Man I havnt played this game in a while, Ive got it around here somewhere. All I remember about my character was I was one of those tiger people and I was a straight up thef. I forget where I was at but I was pretty far into the Thevies guild.
  19. Oblivion is probably the best game i have played thus far in my life lol. ive had so many characters on it, i cant remember their stats, but i had a couple of characters done with the game, heh i think that game might be the best cure for my boredom after i smoke this bowl here in a few.
  20. I love rpg's but oblivion just blew my mind. in fact so much so i bought it in french (rpgs dont work in english here :( ) But its still all good


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