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  1. Hey I was thinking now that skyrim is out it won't be long before the next installment comes out where do you think it will take place I know it's a long shot but I'm hopping for all of tamriel
  2. Yea ill see you in 5 years

  3. Although that would be cool, it's unlikely. That's just way too big of a map. I'm thinking Hammerfell, maybe. Who knows, really. It's gonna take Bethesda at least 5 more years to pump out another Elder Scrolls game, so I'll just wait. I'm too preoccupied with Skyrim to be worrying about TES6.
  4. It's gonna suck trying to top skyrim

  5. They'll figure out a way how, it's Bethesda.

  6. That's true

  7. sorry dude this isn't call of duty, the whore of the video game industry who tries to pop out a game every year
  8. I think they will DLC this game to the bone before they ever think about starting a new one. 3-5 years minimum would be my guess.
  9. It took 5 years to make skyrim, you'll get the next in 2016....
  10. Next TES will be next gen, hopefully we will see some really cool stuff.

    I'm hoping it's somewhere more exotic (Black Marsh or one of the elven kingdoms) I doubt they will do Hammerfell because that's another human province and they will want a more distinctive feel from Skyrim.
  11. I want it in Elsweyr.
    Pretty please!
    With sugar on top.
  12. Let's hope so. I hate it when developers just stop supporting a game after release especially with how easy it is to distribute new content these days.

    I bet the dwarves come back in the next one.

  13. There are supposed to be something like over 20 different sub-species of Khajiit, ranging from giant, intelligent battle tigers bigger than horses that are used as steeds, to tiny mage house cats that can't talk but dance to communicate...don't know how that would pan out in game.
  14. i wanna go back to morrowind.
  15. [​IMG]

    Seriously tho I've never played any of them but a friend of mine just got Skyrim and i was watching it and it looked awesome so i borrowed his oblivion.
  16. I wanna see Summerset Isles and/or Valenwood. Some Aldmeri Dominion action.
  17. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall already did Hammerfell.

    I'd love Elsweyr as well. Khajiit is my favorite race. According to Ysolda in Skyrim, it's all jungle and desert. That would be an amazing land to experience. Wondering through jungles would blow my mind.

    The Black Marsh would be acceptable as well.
  18. Elder Scrolls VI: Masser

    Looks like it might be habitable. :D
  19. Moon sugar?

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