Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion

Discussion in 'General' started by Metalace, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. I love this game alot. I wanna get those plugins that you gotta buy anyone got em? Or anyone else love this game?
  2. Morrowind was a hundred times better. I couldnt get into Oblivion.
  3. yea i have to agree im looking for the torrents for those plugins they sell. I can only truely play the game 20-30 minutes b4 it bores me totally out.
  4. Love this game alot, sometimes get real real eral high, and wander around Tamreil, RPing and immersing yourself in the game
  5. Like all games like that, I get into them for awhile... then never touch em until like months later when i get some random urge to play the game... play it... realize how boring it is and put it away, and every time I get the urge to play just remind myself im wasting my time.

    Only thing that keeps me in games like oblivion is when im really high and I can roleplay in my head haha.
  6. I thought it was really neat when I first got it..
    Wow, uh, turned out to be crap.

  7. WTF? Are you serious? Oblivion pwned all previous elder scrolls releases.

    Thats like saying Halo 2 is a hundred times better than Halo 3.

    Keep in mind that I am aware of the fact that sometimes even game sequels suck, but not in this case whatsoever.

    If you don't appreciate RPGs in general, why would you go out and buy one? (For the others who say I thought I'd like it, but then it sucked.)
  8. Someone can't appreciate a good, expansive RPG... There may be reasons you don't like it, however weird they may be, but because you can't appreciate it, doesn't mean it's crap.

    Ha ha. You funny. That's like saying Final Fantasy 3 was better than 7...
  9. Actually, I liked FF3's storyline more than 7... but eh... yeah back to topic.
  10. I like the game, but lately I haven't been able to get in to it anymore =/
  11. It's my opinion, I'm allowed to state it.
    It's not an expansive RPG at all, the graphics are the only positive to it, I guarantee that if you stripped away the graphics you'd be in awe of how craptactular of a game it is.
    And this opinion is shared by many, many fans of the Elder Scrolls series.
    The level mapping in NO way matches the creativity of Morrowind's.
    The characters have some of the worst interaction I've ever seen in a game;

    "How are you?"
    "Have you heard from the other provinces?"

    The enemies level with you, one of the stupidest things I've ever seen in an RPG.
    Their damage, health, etc is constantly at par with yours, making the game extremely easy.
    Oh wait, so are the TREASURE CHESTS.
    So if you go on an epic quest into a deep dungeon when you're level 2..the grand treasure chest will be guarded by a goblin and will contain a clay pot and maybe 2 gold.

    The guards have supersonic hearing and if you kill somebody in their house at night..and it takes you more than 1 hit to kill them - you'll suddenly see 20 guards appear out of thin air at the doorway.

    The main quest was horribly boring, it took me a few weeks to muster the courage to actually beat the game and I wasn't impressed once I had done so.

    Going to sleep heals you..making the game way too simple..

    Pick-locking is easy, I could pick VERY HARD locks when I first started the game...
    Only problem was that the chests they were locking would only contain a pair of clippers or a paintbrush..

    Ugh, the game blows.
  12. morrowind is better, oblivion is shiney with a better combat system but besides that morrowind has it beat. oblivion just didnt turn out as good as i hoped. played it-beat it, morrowind is better.

  13. Sounds to me that your expectations were a little too high then. You should have been more pessimistic to start with and the game would probably have been a better experience for you.

  14. The great thing is, all these things can be cured by mods.. My monsters don't level, some treasure chests are filled with more stuff, i've added quests and more armor and weapons, no more psychic guards, even plently of dialouge ive had changed. NPC's talk about things that go on real time. After killing a couple of Elders on the Council, everyone talked about how a DB assassin killed them, me and said I was a Vampire..

    Oblivion FTW
  15. More than half the thigns you cited are the exact same with Morrowind. And Melkor wins.
  16. This game is awesome. Idk who in the right state of mind thinks Morrowind or any other RPG is better. I havent been playing lately though since I am stuck on this mission and whenever I spawn I die lol.
  17. What the hell is with enemies leveling with you?!?!?! That's bullshit, and I was really looking forward to getting this when I can afford a 360.

    Well, I'll probably still buy it seeing as Morrowind was one of my all time favorite games.

    Darks elves for the win
  18. Sorry for the thread res. But i got into oblivion, and i must say your sneak skill is subpar with my level 1 wood elf. i can sneak all day long without getting detected. its all about your skill level, not your actual level.
  19. oblivion is a sick game. I just always stopped playing after i got like 50 hours of game play. I still will attempt to play the whole game again. When i get my new computer../
  20. I play it on my PS3 (so not mods :( ) but I enjoy the game. I am NOT good at RPGS at all, I think im a level 2. I get confused as to where to go and how to get there alot, because the maps HUGE

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