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  1. I am going to make a quick tutorial for training with elastics from clone but this technique I use also can be applied to from seed.

    It's Easy! Step by Step, Frequent Updates.


    • Clone
    • Thin Elastics
    • Any size container

    Heres a well rooted clone I took and then transplanted it Into a 1.6 Liter tupperware container as seen below.

    Note: Make sure when you transplant your clone into a new container DO NOT fill the soil all the way to the rim of the container, make sure you at least leave 2 inches empty.


    Take the elastic apply it at an preferred angle.

    Bend the top of the plant down, try to position the top of the plant to face the closest corner of the container make sure you fully expose the lower nodes on the clone. As seen below.

    Note:If you are using a round container then just make sure the top is positioned at a 90 degree angle.


    I will be updating this thread constant to show results of this method.
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  2. nice im trying lst also
  3. Awesome Micro. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Cant wait to watch and learn.
  4. Amen to that brotha! Sub'd
  5. Mhmmmm......
    I forgot this was a clone and sat here staring at it for 10 minutes thinking how you got those 2 bottom nodes so big before LSTing it.


  6. After a few hours this is how your plant should look now.



    Note: Time of recovery varies depending on the amount of light you are using I am using a 9,000 lumen output t5. If you are using a H.I.D you should see recovery in about 1 hour.

    We shall continue more soon!
  7. Looks good man!! Keep up the good work


    After a 1 day or 2 days the plant's top should be overgrowing the lower nodes again. As seen below.
    Note: Always give the plant ample time to recover from the training and start growing vertically again towards the light.

    Well since the plant is starting to over grow the lower nodes I always decide to top her early and keep all the nodes leveled out evenly. I topped her 1 set of nodes below the top of the plant so that way the plants canopy will be even.

    Note: You can decide to top later on if you would like, But it is not ideal to top later on because the lower nodes will not grow out evenly. The plant will also get to vertical if you don't top early. If you decide to top later on anyways, just make sure you are controlling your vertical growth and allowing the lower nodes to grow evenly.

    Now as you see I topped her to keep all the growth level and give the lower nodes a chance to catch up with the upper growth and also so I can create more bud sites.

    Now it is time to add 2 more elastics to completely even out the plants growth. I like to tuck the fan leave stems under the elastic so that way only the new node growth grows above the elastics. Once the nodes are grown out more I untuck the leaves.

    Note: When training down the plant's new growth with elastics be very careful and aware of where you place the elastics you can end up accidently smothering new growth.

    We shall Continue more in a few more days.
  9. Nice, have you ever used bonsai wire? works great.
  10. Definitely going to "attempt" this for my grow, limited space, gotta max maa yieldd
  11. Day 4

    After 1 whole full day of recovery she should look like this, Nice small even canopy. Notice how fast this plant grows/recovers under a 4 tube 9,000 lumen output t5. I highly suggest one.


    Note: As mentioned recover time varies depending on your lighting.

    Heres the roots so far..

    Now for the easiest part. Keep the canopy even and let her grow until it's time to top again. Then we keep repeating the process until you no longer can see soil. I like to get a good solid 8 bud sites But you can keep the plant to your desires.

    @Kronny, Yes I have used them but I like elastics way more, it's more acquirable :)

    @Poptcorn, Let me know your outcome buddy.
  12. Kind of an annoying request but i'm kinda confused about where you topped it, would you be able to post a picture with a line saying where it was? :s
  13. Looks very good man!!
  14. No defiantly not annoying, I made this thread to help out with a easy LST technique.


    I always top below the smallest set of nodes that way the larger nodes grow faster, If that makes sense at all. Also I always top the plant where the nodes are the most equal to the canopy so everything levels out. Hope this helps brother.:wave:
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  15. SOOOO HELPFUL. Thanks, I'll rep when able again!
    Can't wait to see how it looks when its a bit bigger!

    really awesome dude, keep on teaching!
  16. Cool Technique. I will try it with a seedling. Cheers
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    Day 6

    Ok guys, Back again.

    Once the plant starts over growing the lower nodes It's time to remove the elastics and re-adjust them. Basically you will know when it's time. I always re-train when the plant has recovered, which is 1 time a day.

    Note: Do not train the plant until it is fully recovered and upright.


    All tied down and exposing the new lower node growth! Now it is time to let it recover again.

    Note: Keep exposing the lower nodes for full growth.

    See you in a couple more days:wave:
  18. Looks very good! I will do this with my seedlings once they are of age.

    Could you also post a pic of your t5 light? I may have the same type of light as you and i dont know if i should use it in my pc grow box or not
  19. [​IMG]


    This is the t5 I have. It is Awesome I highly recommend it. Has about 8,000 lumen output. I think I typed 9,000 on one of the pages, But it's 8,000. Very good for vegetation. Plant's just explode
  20. K i deffinately do not have that light i have a kandolite t6 s 300watt light looks kinda like this

    Do you think this will work for veg or flower? It has a bllast and the light is covered by a real thick glass sheild over it. It also warns about uv radiation so it should have some pretty good light sprectrum

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