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El Toro! The most amazing bong maker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by harissteeter, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I was browsing around and I found a bong maker that I am truly in awe over. Behold, El Torro!





    I am truly speechless at some of the glass that comes out with that title. That bong has some truly sick internal perculation, a crazy slitted diffuser, an amazing ash catcher so many different amazing parts to that bong I don't feel like listing. Here's another bong they've made:



  2. Illegal image reference... Can't see the pictures.
  3. what are u talking about? lol

    and yes those pics are awesome
  4. This is what I see. Could someone please host the pictures using or something so I can see them. I really want to check it out.

    Attached Files:

  5. really? thats nuts that u see that!

    lol but i see it and trust me man, there amazing lol
  6. It sounds like you're just fucking with me... Oh well.
  7. i see the same thing.

  8. I see no pictures. Apparantly someone doesnt like you using their bandwidth
  9. Go to and look at El Toro on the right. There's a picture of a guy holding the massive thing.
  10. ummmm u guys are nuts!!
    i can see them just fine

    the first one is a huge bong

    second one is the same thing with a guy holding it with MASSiVE percs

    then a close up of its bowl

    then a different bong tahts absolutly amazinga s well

    i skipped a pic or two but there amazing!
  11. Thats a crazy bong man, I liek it
  12. shit, that thing has a HUGE diameter.

    i would love to rip one of those.

    does he sell or is that a place to show off what you make for yourself?
  13. That things as cool as a master jedi's light saber.
  14. I'm not sure if they sell them. I think those two are master pieces, he does have smaller versions but they are not NEARLY as impressive as this 4+ foot monster. I would love the honor of hitting this bong with some of the finest herb in the world. A retail price for this thing would be incredible due to hours put into this thing.
  15. Every time I see a link to I know I'm about to get lost for a couple of hours...
  16. yea, exactly. i check there almost every day and it probably takes at least 30min for me to finish looking around at just whats new.
  17. damn, those things must cost a fortune. very nice.
  18. isnt it against the rules to post about other bong companies in competition with GC, just wondering
  19. im pretty sure its not a company. its just a site with pics. I THINK....

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