Einstein Neem Oil and Superthrive

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  1. Hello all I just started my first project.:hello:

    Can I add Neem Oil to my water/superthrive mix that I feed plants daily with a sprayer to my plants?

    How soon should I use neem oil on MJ plants?

  2. you only need to use neem oil if you have insect problem.. also you only need the super thrive every couple weeks. Seedlings don't really need to be sprayed, only clones.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    How often should I spary neem oil?

    Please check out my grow journal and comment :)

  4. Yesterday I found a green worm eating one of my seedlings and killed it. How often should I spray neem oil? 3 to 4 days? Can I mix it with something else (superthrive) or just water?
  5. Use neem oil every day if you are seeing insects, but stop once insects go away. Also, seeing 1 worm wouldn't really be a cause for using the oil, only if you notice you have a constant problem. A seedling will like superthrive much better mixed in with your water for the soil, and no more than once every 2 weeks.

  6. Cool, now I am calm. jejeje was kind of worried :p

    Thanks bro!

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