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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rogueroller, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. So when did an eighth become just 2 grams?! WTF? Guess I got ripped off again!

  2. i'm guessing you didn't check it before you got it?
  3. when the dealer thought you were some noob with no scale.
  4. lol the way you said that made me laugh so hard. just sounded like your passively getting ripped off every time and all you say is "oh well, guess i got ripped off again" xD
    but forreal ask him to scale infront of you.. eigth isnt 2g lmao
  5. Don't buy it till you see the weight bro
  6. *wub wub wuuuuub
  7. hard to scale it out in a dodgy street, thats where the majority of my weed comes from.
  8. That sucks time to find a new plug.
  9. It became 2 grams when you got that shitty dealer lol.

    But on a serious note, dealers will usually rip off someone who they think doesn't know much about bud or someone who wont do nothing if he does rip you.

    There's really nothing you can do about that unfortunately, unless your gonna go point a gun to his head lol. You should make the guy weigh it out in front of you if he doesn't want to, then off top, you shouldn't deal with him.

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