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Eighth or half oz?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bamf64, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. #1 bamf64, Nov 20, 2011
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    Im going to the club tonight and i have 60 bucks..should i get an eigth of either louise Xiii OG(50 an eigth) or Super Pure OG(50 an eigth), for 60(i need to pay 10 for gas included), or a half oz of green crack(60 a half oz) for 60(gas also included)?

    Green crack is hella dank get that half bro!
  3. Yeah get a half o of green crack, its some good stuff
  4. Depends on the grow, no doubt.
  5. So you're saying you want to get an eighth of one of the OG's for $60 or a half ounce of Green Crack for $120? Maybe it's me, but the obvious answer is the half ounce for $120.:smoke:
  6. but at the club the green crack is a 10 dollar gram..thus, not near as high quality as the top shelf eigths for 60. SOO hard to choose.
  7. Why not just get an eighth of each OG then? You were going to spend $120 anyways for the Green Crack, now you only have to spend $110. :p
  8. If it's self smoke and your tolerance is low I'd go green crack if u plan smoke day night . The eight if u only smoke once a week bud runs out fast.
  9. not seeming to understand:

    i have 60 dollars to spend.

    the eighth of the OGs is 60 dollars.
    the half ounce of the green crack is ALSO 60 dollars.

    thusly, i can only get one of them.
  10. Why the fuck would a medical club sell green crack for 60 a half. Doesn't sound right
  11. Its because its lower quality buds. Still medical quality, just lower quality.
  12. Gotcha. Thought you said the gas for the half ounce was $60 too haha. So a half ounce or an eighth... Fuck the eighth bro, I don't care how much better the OG is, they're both going to be dank. 14.0>3.5 :hello:
  13. Half O easily.
  14. Uhh, is this a real question? Green Crack is hella dank. Get the half.

  15. ah get the half man its from a dispensary so its dank anyways i would take 14g over 3.5 any day in a dispensary
  16. Obviously the green crack... come on man.

    Inspect it before though to make sure its not green whack.
  17. I'd get the half man. Green crack is probaly my least favorite strain next to blue dream. Ive had gc from excellent growers and it's still meh at best but it's 14 blunt or 4 blunts.
  18. [quote name='"JassyD"']Why the fuck would a medical club sell green crack for 60 a half. Doesn't sound right[/quote]

    Because green crack isn't all that great (really depends a lot on grower) but I can get green crack like no other bud my boy loves the strain and allways grows/has it I get oz for like 40$ of it and honestly I'm sick of it Haha which is y I don't pick it up no more
  19. If the Green Crack is good then get that obviously. 1/2 > 1/8

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