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Eighth of "top shelf" for a beginner

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by daniel_420, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. im new to all of this and I was planning on getting an eighth tomorrow but I would be out for the next 4 days or so. I have a mason jar so I can keep it there but after I come back how much would it last me? I plan on getting a good buzz on and using a little before bed for my insomnia. Again, I'm a rookie the only time I've gotten high was with an edible.
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    Your tolerance is non existent and a little will go a long way. An eighth will last you plenty of time way more than the 4 days. Take one hit and go from there. If that hit's not enough after 5 mins or so take another and so on. When you take your hit you need to inhale to get high so take your hit and then take your mouth off the pipe (or whatever u use) and breathe in fresh air deep into your lungs pushing the smoke in. (This is critical for a first time smoker).

    Smoking right before bed might not give you what you want. You're likely better to do it an hour or two beforehand. Be aware anxiety/paranoia is a possibility as well. Usually towards the end of the high when the mental effects are wearing off the body high will still be going and imo it'd be easier to sleep around then. But see what works for you and take it slow.
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  3. If you prefer blunts, you could probably roll 3-4 blunts. It all comes down to type of blunts you use and what's your preference. Since you are a rookie, "IF" you inhale right, I emphasize the "IF" part, you will only need a few hits/half of blunt to get you high af.
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  4. ^ This. The new technical term is called "micro-dosing", and is really recommended for the novice toker.
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  5. Take two or three hits like an hour before bed time so the initial high wares off and do something relaxing like watch a show, read,take a bath,etc and you'll fall asleep naturally I do this most nights as well it's not just a "noob" thing. I really like Hindu Kush at night or hash plant these two strains are really body heavy not the normal high you should try them if you have access to them.
  6. get a small pipe and take at least 2 "good" hits and youll be set for the night, depending on the quality of weed, anything could have "top shelf" written on it and still be decent to shit weed unless you know for sure its top shelf. id wait until you get more smoking experience before you smoke a blunt, that shit will knock you into a different dimension lmao. eighth should last you a while starting out but once you move up the ranks, it will last you a day or 2 lol..good luck bud. let us know how it went, make sure to get indica to.
  7. True. I figured I'd just explain it in laymans terms to make it easier.
  8. Half a blunt? Damn lol
    I quit for two years and the first time I sparked up again two hits was TOO much. Lots of paranoia and anxiety until I picked up some Harlequin. I smoked on that until my tolerance was built up enough to where I didn't freak tf out after two hits.

    That was about a year ago :p

    OP my suggestion is to purchase a high CBD:THC strain. It will not make you freak out since you are new and have a nonexistent tolerance. Harlequin was nice I also tried one called F Cancer.

    Edit: my experience was with mids/bottom shelf. It's too much for a newbie if you inhale right. I also have quit a bit of experience in the "avoid bad trips" when medicating. I medicate for anxiety already so causing it unintentionally is a no go for me. I'm very cautious about what strains I pick when I go restock.

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