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Eighth of Hash [macro]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 32degrees, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Last of an eighth of hash I picked up for 40$ a few days ago, it is sativa hash...head high only very energetic and pungent piney inscence smell, as you see i already smoked almost half of it:smoking:

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  2. Damn, I couldn't imagine finding an 1/8th of hash for $40 in NY. Lucky man...
  3. 40 dollars for an eight of hash? that shits GOTTA be cut for it to be that cheap.
  4. Cut? Cut with what? Poop? I don't think cut is how hash is degraded or made lower quality. It's the quality of the starting product (i.e. the bud), and the amount of plant material left in the hash.
  5. dogshit...dirt...stuff like that
  6. :rolleyes:

    anywho, that doesnt look like 3.5.

    must be dense as fuck.
  7. Greetings,

    Looks like some nice quality hash. Enjoy it, friend!

    Yours Truly,
  8. Looks pretty damn good. Does it bubble well?
  9. not all hash bubbles.......
  10. NPHXtoker, most good, fresh hashish bubbles. Not all does, and at the price of $40 per eighth, one can't be sure of this hash's quality, but that does look pretty good, at least... It could bubble with the quick flick of a BIC...
  11. omg this comment made me spit my drink

    dense? this isn't bud...hash is a concentrate ofcourse its dense as fuck and not the kinda dense you see in your buds either....
    nice looking hash :)
  12. i wish i could get hash in ny period. let alone for cheap. :confused:

  13. Right, good hash does.
  14. its not that high of quality that it bubbles, but it melts nicely, and like i said thats not an eighth i smoked almost half of it, thats about 2 g's. I looked precisely like fresh kief, no plant matter or dogshit for that matter, unless dogshit gets you ripped (anybody?) haha but like i said its sweet cuz it was made with a sativa strain so its very energetic
    "up" high, nd i know the price is real cheap, i found some random guy at a concert and he had his number too, i called him gunna go get some more haha
  15. hmmm hash.... I love hash.....
  16. I only smoke the best of the best. That labrador is where it's at.

  17. actually yeah it is. if you have ever been to jamaica and smoked their hash you will know what 'cut' hash is. that shits really bad there, or at least what i've seen of it.

  18. *puff*puff*... I wonder what great dane tastes like...

    Hey man... am I drivin ok?

    ....I think we're parked man...

    ..Ohhhhhhhhhhh shieeet.......

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