Eight Years Of Resin.

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  1. I'm not sure if this post belongs here..

    Also, this is NOT my video, it's a video my friend had found and showed me just a few minutes ago..

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbeLAi-cgdU"]YouTube - Eight Years of Resin[/ame]

  2. ewww. that is soo nasty. id smoke it though. resin blunt ftw.
  3. holy shit.
    you know that dude got FUCKEDDDD up.
    damnnnn,how did it never end up clogged?
  4. how the fuck did all of that come out of that stem.
  5. id expect more resin from eight years of tokin, but then again it would depend on how often you smoked wouldnt it.
  6. I don't know if it's just me or this guy, but he made it sound like he got all that from scraping it out of the stem? i dont think that much would be on there cause it'd be clogged shut
  7. uhh, click on the one on the left called resin hits o.0
  8. I have more resin than that in my zoop tubes.
  9. that guy seems real cool though. lmao. "ewwww thats disguusssstinngg."
  10. i have more resin than that in my lungs.
  11. Yeah the guy was funny. I was with a buddy once and he dropped his bowl and it was like a hardboiled egg when it broke. He was able to peel glass of a complete resin form of the pipe. I about threw up. He said all his pieces were like that and he had a bubbler that didn't bubble no more:(

  12. /e-slap!!!!!!

    That's a lot of fuckin resin!

    How can you not clean your bowl for 8 years... Wouldn't your stem get clogged over time.... jesus.... thats a lot of resin!
  13. Oh Gawd!! YES!!
  14. you see how there are so many clumps? thats because it's moist resin(sickness). it's not the same as resin out of a spoon or a bowl. a stem....? *puke*
  15. Reminds me of a pipe a buddy gave me that him and his mom used daily for over 13 years and NEVER cleaned it. We boiled it, and ended up with I think almost 3 grams of decade old resin. Fucked us up. :D
  16. i have a piece that ive been using on the daily for almost 4 years now, never scraped. and when the time comes to do that, the shit is going in the trash. im not THAT desperate.
  17. Dude his as high shit! :smoking: Listen to him, I'd love to have something like that laying around!
  18. IDK if i'd smoke that resin, cuz yea bong resin is sick. well it all is but thats the worst.

    i have a decent collection of spoons, and when i clean them all at once its usually around that much. I mix it with shake and smoke it out of my bong, then i clean out my bong and throw that shit away.
  19. Holy crap...

  20. a bubbler that didn't bubble no more:(

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