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Eight of dank or LSD?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeweed1, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Ok so I have 50$. My dealer has some no name dank and some LSD. He is charging 50 for the eighth and 15 per hit of LSD (its so high because the guy had to come from out of town) which one should I get. I am thinking about getting a hit of acid and getting a 30$ quarter of some mids... hmmmmmm

    EDIT: It would be my first time tripping on acid.
  2. get a gram and some lsd.

    My friend says LSD is the best high he's ever had, and its his favorite drug to take once a week no more.

    Weed is his other "favorite" since its a different type of high and shit iunno fuck explaining just get a gram and a few hits
  3. 15 is quite high per hit for any LSD. Is there any chance of it being around again or is it a really rare thing to come around? If your thinking this will be your only chance, by all means take the hits. I would suggest getting some weed too, marijuana increases the effects of psychedelics very well.
  4. LSD once a week

  5. A friend of mine has done lsd a few times and says it's amazing, but it's a very serious drug that needs to be handled carefully. I myself would never touch it because it's much more serious then weed, so i'd say just buy the weed and enjoy it.
  6. once a week or once every 2 weeks

    compared to

    smoking herb twice a day :p


    haggle down to 2 hits for 25, and spend the other 25 on w/e you can get
  7. I am probably going to try shrooms before i try acid.
  8. man i would get the acid...a trip like no other...i advise to it with a friend to avoid a bad trip...but ive never had a bad trip on acid
  9. If you've never done either, good call.

  10. Yea I am gonna stick to weed prob for now until some shrooms come through.
  11. ^^thats a good idea
  12. maan don't eff with LSD. just get the bud.
  13. 2 hits + a gram of dank.
  14. id go for the weed but thats because i dont do drugs
  15. Get two hits of LSD for 30 and get a 20 sack of dank..

    THATS THE BEST BET!!! Acid last the whole day.
  16. Weed is a drug. Don't try and sound cool. it is. Acid is actually less harmful than cannabis anyways. It's what you do on the drug that makes it harmful - and that's due to the amount of responsibility you put into each trip. 2 hits[hopefully good] will get you some nice visuals, not to much morphing, but add weed after dropping the hits and your good for awhile. :cool: enjoy[if you listen to me] OP.

    20 sack of dank = 1 gram[usually]

    So I just stated that, but I have to say, that's definitively the best choice. You can smoke weed whenever, but dropping acid is an amazing experience.
  17. if your gunna get lsd dont do it alone,

    its the worst thing ever if your trip goes bad.

    save the acid for a party or something.
  18. Acid is more dangerous then weed but still pretty safe as long as you don't do a lot and don't do it often.

    OP, i would buy the 2 hits of acid and a gram of dank.
  19. i know it is, i was joking mate...

  20. Acid's not really a party drug. Tripping out with other people is fun, but at a party with beer pong? Yeah, noo...

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