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  1. The other day my friend came over with a nice little eighth of some decent high grade bud (to smoke, of course). We were sitting in my room watching tv and toking up when my friend points to the wall and says "Dude, there's this bigass spider on your wall." He had the kind of expression I've only seen him make when he was completely serious. I looked and there was the biggest godamn spider I'd ever seen close up. I live in northern Illinois in the middle of a residential area, so this is a very rare occurence. The sucker was a good 3 inches in diameter and it took five smacks from an old issue of 'Nintendo Power" to finally stop moving. I looked it up and it didn't seem like any kind of spider native to this area, although the most poisonous spider that does live around here is only poisonous enough to give you a nasty case of blood poisoning (if you get bit you need to get the bite surgically removed). Now I'm all freaked out about spiders crawling on my face while I'm sleeping and what-not, any similar experiences?
  2. about 2 weeks ago our cat was meowing frantically, staring at the ceiling. i thought he was hungry at first because i wasn't looking at him.. but then i realized he kept looking up.

    i looked up, and there was this black spider about 1" body size only. i picked the cat up so he could get a closer look (i was stoned, and not in the right of mind, don't ask me why i decided this was smart).
    he proceeds to climb up my shoulders, and bat at the spider (this is where our ceiling is low), and the spider falls down at me, but luckily not on me.

    i ran screaming away, as the cat attacked the spider. it JUST WOULDN'T DIE!! so i had to eventually put it out of its misery, as the cat wouldn't stop tormenting it.

    he caught 3 spiders in 2 days like this.

    ever since then, he wakes us up at odd hours of the night meowing frantically @ the ceiling, same spot as he was in the first night, and there are NO FUCKING SPIDERS.

    they've driven him insane...
  3. Speaking of a spider buzzkill, the other day I was walking out the back steps going to school (its also where I toke all the time at night) when low and behold I look down about a foot from where I usually smoke was a damn big ass black widow with a fucking web. Needless to say it got squished lol. I now toke up in the enclosed porch needless to say :)
  4. hehe, I think this was my first thread, I forgot about that spider thing, there's still a slight discoloration on my floor where it died come to think
  5. any1 ever seen those reall freaky spiders that havejust a little round body and REAL thin legs. man those things freak my out. there were 3 at our toke-up hut, so i burnt them but i was to scared to go in the corner that they'd been in lol
  6. Daddy Long Legs? They can't do shit, I don't even think they can bite, they just run around and stuff. No reason to be scared of them, unless your talking about a different kind of spider.
  7. i think those are it, i know they cant do anything they just freak my out
  8. I read it somewhere before.. the average person eats like 13 spiders in their sleep throughout their life. So yeaaaah. Somethin to think about if you ever wake up with a weird taste in your mouth.. your your throat is unusually dry or somethin..
  9. the other week I was with some friends at a buddy's house smoking bowls up in his room when suddenly my friend started noticing shit moving on the floor. After some further inspection we traced some baby spiders back to three massive spider eggs that were stuck to the bottom of the guys chair. As we were trying to get something to get rid of them, another one bust open and out came hundreds of little silver/white/shiny spiders repelling down from the chair..it was a mad spider dash to frreedom as a half dozen or so of us began stomping around the hardwood floor goin at em....afterwards we put the chair outside of the bedroom window on the second story roof, and locked the window....you can never be too careful...I like to think of it as "Operation: Spider Freedom"....we "liberated" them alright
  10. A couple years ago I saw something move on my keyboard out of the corner of my eye. At first, because of it's size, I thought tarantula, but realized it was only a HUGE wolf spider.By huge I mean 3-4 inch leg diameter. Wolf spiders are hunters so not wanting to kill it, I attempted to shew it off the keyboard with a phonebook, it's responce was to raise it's front legs and bare it's 1/4 inch long fangs. After several more futile attempts to get it off the keyboard, I finally gave up and dropped the phonebook on it. Needless to say I had to take the board apart and clean out all the "spider squeezins". I've seen many wolf spiders hear with longer legs than this one, but never one with a body this size, it was easily as big around as a golf ball.
  11. Daddy long legs spiders can bite, I have been bitten by them twice. Which is weird because little kids always pull their legs off.

    Also, some people have said that daddy long legs have the strongest poison in them so if i was bitten, i'd be dead. Dumbasses.
  12. sheesh man, while reading this thread, I kept looking under my feet and at the floor.

    Not many things scare me, but spiders do like no other.

    I could have dirty Harry standing here poking me in the eye with the barrel of his .44 mag and not flinch, but if he was pointing a big ass spider at me, I'd probably cry like a little school girl and piss myself :p

    no idea why, but i HATE spiders. They are like mini-satans to me.
  13. theres a kind of spider around here called the "common house spider" and it gets SOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!

    Like from the end of one leg to the other leg its like 6-7 inches.

    ive only ever seen one in my life though. they just live in attics and such.

  14. u in england then? they all over our house.
    but all u have to do is move and they cack themsevls and runs off

  15. Its because since the dawn of man, we've had a prewired instinct to fear them....same with bugs but not as intensly as arracnids. Its a basic survival instinct pretty much...but it be some scary shnit
  16. Where I live it's the brown recluse. This summer I have probly smashed 6 of the #@$!% things. EEYUCK!! Had an old man come in the store where I work and his middle finger was swelled up -HUGE- like as big around as a shot glass. It was awful. Said it was getting better, he had been bitten back in February. Holy shit!! I came home and cleaned the shit out of the house, made the boys get everything out from under thier beds, made the ol' man go get some spray (still haven't used it)!! Those are really the only spiders that creep me out. Last summer I had a big banana spider under the carport. He was pretty cool. I think a bird finally got it though.

    Damn.........now I gotta go check the bathroom............they like hangin' out in there.
  17. Brown recluses killed a person and made a few pretty sick where I am from. I was crashing in my friend's basement with him and got bitten overnight by it's cousin; the black recluse. Same symptoms, but not deadly, just a painful little bitch. I still have a scar from where I was bit that looks a wee bit like a freckle, and that was years ago.
  18. When I first read this post, from the title, I thought he was gonna be like.. "I smoked some weed it was great I was HIGH until I cleaned some more weed and found a dead spider in my stash!"
    But anyway.. so, how would you like to roll over in the morning from a nice peaceful rest.. slowly open your eyes thinking ah what a great day, and when your vision focuses, you see THIS GUY! Just sitting there on your bed, eye to eye, about 1 foot away from your face, just watchin ya...

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  19. omg i hate spiders! kill them all!!!!!

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