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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ball McCartney, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Im looking to buy a 250ml bong + diffuser.. but am having a tough time deciding between EHLE and the ROOR blue range series.

    Is it worth the extra $60 to get a roor bong?
  2. No.­­­

    Edit: No if the features are the same. I'd recommend a cheaper EHLE or something else and an ashcatcher/precooler in addition.
  3. ROOR glass is quality glass. You get what you pay for. Get a ROOR. Or save up a little more money and buy an illadelph. Those are dope.
  4. If you hold a real roor up next to an ehle you will not find much if any differences at all. Ehle glass is made to the same quality(from what Ive seen) as roor and functions the same(from my experience). Unless you are a brand whore there is no reason to choose roor over ehle.
  5. Thank you for the responses. I am now leaning more towards EHLE than Roor.. if there's not a HUGE difference, I don't see why the roor would be worth double as much as the EHLE.

    If anyone else has anything to say please add.
  6. Both overpriced.
  7. Another quick question, didn't feel like creating another thread...

    EDIT recommends a 10.5cm diffuser.. but all they have in stock for EHLE brand is 10, 11, 11.5 etc. Do any of you have an EHLE 250ml and could perhaps give some insight on what I should do?

  8. How is a 12" 250mL EHLE bong overpriced at $55?
  9. [quote name='"FaKinSuPah"']

    How is a 12" 250mL EHLE bong overpriced at $55?[/quote]

    In general
  10. I got a 500ml Ehle with Ice notches, upgraded the simple down stem to a Roor hole diffuser, using a Roor Carbon filter. Really happy and everything fits amazingly.

    With this I use 3 bowls - Ehle mid, Ehle small and Weedstar one hitter.
  11. I own two ehle bongs, both have hit my sink multiple times while cleaning and the bowls have been through hell, they still look fucking epic, no chips or marks, highly recommend Ehle.
  12. QFT. Smart man here.
  13. PVC pipes ftw.

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