Ehle vs RooR - can't choose. Please help!

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  1. Hi everyone. I've been smoking for a while but I've never had a really nice GonG so I decided to buy one. I ended up with two possible solutions:

    1. Ehle 5mm Ice ball Cylinder bong $144
    EHLE Glass - 5mm Ice Ball Cylinder Bong - Online Shop
    + EHLE Pre-Cooler - Teardrop $50
    EHLE Pre-Cooler - Teardrop - Online Shop

    2. Roor 5mm Icemaster Bong $266
    Roor Icemaster Bong 5.0 - 3 Piece Roor Glass Water Bong

    They are both 5mm thick and heve almost the same capacity. Do you guys think that the Icemaster can overweight the Ehle with the ashcatcher?
  2. Ehle, unless you want the RooR's name and craftsmanship :smoke:
  3. I would go for the EHLE and pass on the tear drop pre-cooler, get a nice ash catcher from some headshop around you or find another one.
  4. Personally I prefer ehles. Not sure why, they just seem like they would rip nicer. I wouldn't get the ashcatcher though, shop around for one. Roors are just kinda the generic mid range bong, in my opinion anyway.
  5. RooRs, especially like the OP linked have excellent quality control, and they've been in the GonG game a long time. I wouldn't call any .de generic or mid-range.

    As for functionality though, both tubes will hit pretty similar, with the straight base RooR clearing a bit faster than that bubble-foot EHLE. Either would be a solid piece, especially for their respective prices.

    If you're just wanting a daily driver to smoke out of, the EHLE is your best option, use the cash you saved on the RooR to pick up a diffy and a/c (though definitely not that teardrop)
    If you're wanting a nicer piece with a bit more reputation and craftsmanship behind it, tbh I'd pick the RooR. (I'd still get a diffy down the line though)

  6. I want the craftsmanship if only it's worth extra 100 bucks.:smoke: I mean if i had a chance to hold them together would i be like: "yeah, this Roor is definitely better made than Ehle"?

    Hey, what's wrong with that teardrop? It's supposed to work like any other ash catcher. What's the catch here?):confused:
    Will this one work better?
    EHLE Pre-Cooler - Bottleneck - Online Shop
  7. That teardrop looks like it would cause a lot of splashback, messing with the water levels in your tube. The pillbottle you linked is a better design but still pretty small and likely to cause splashback. Niether of those a/cs are diffused at all either. Check out showerheads and inlines and tree a/cs, there's so many options out there better than a straight non-diffused a/c.
    Personally, I would reccomend putting in an extra $40 for a SSFG inline from etsy. It's great for the price.
  8. Id go witht he ehle, because you can get it and the pre cooler for the price of the roor. I think roor is overrated, and remember whenever you buy name brand a lot of the price is for the name. Look around at your local headshops, a lot of independent blowers have some very nice pieces for a lot cheaper than name brand.
  9. or wait for the GrassCity/Molino line.
    suppopsedly made with the same glass as RooR
    5 and 7mm thick.
    check the toking tools sticky

  10. That's what i thought too at first but then i read people say the same about WeedStar, like it's just as good. But there's a big difference between WS and Roor.
  11. Ehle unles your one of those RooR people who can buy multiple hundred dollar bongs so you can have a cool collect. If not Ehle all the way!
  12. There may be a difference between Roor and WS, but that doesn't mean that Roor isnt overrated. Perhaps WS is just poorly made, after all different brands carry different quality. I.E. For Electric Basses Fender makes way better basses than Ibanez, but fender still doesnt even touch Fodera even though its more popular. They certainly make quality pieces, but I would say many independent blowers, in my area, make pieces that are just as quality.
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    Yeah I think I'll go with Ehle. + i like the bubble bottom over a tube, it's much more convenient allowing more space for the dripping ice water. I wanna buy a diffuser for it too but they say it needs a 10.5cm long diffuser and they (on EDIT) only have either 10 or 11 cm lengths.(
    As for the ash catcher I really want a matching set so it has to be of the same brand.
  14. i like the ehle
  15. thoughtful,, i can recommend a blower on etsy if ud like a 10.5 cm stem. lmk
  16. you know you want that roor bro.. I got myself a roor about 2 months ago and it has been nothing but perfect. The glass is so nice, so sturdy. I am one of those guys who loves a clean bong rip and the roor is sooo easy to clean. I just got a two footer but its gorgeous and takes me places other bongs simply cant.

    roor is expensive, but its an investment that will last.
  17. Ehle 5mm tube, it's just a better value IMO if they are the same thickness. BUT bubble and beaker bases are often blew out really thin, a straight tube would be more sturdy. Tbh ehle ashcatxhers suck, way too small the water will just pull right into the tube, defeating the purpose.

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