EHLE or boost?

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  1. Boost is a piece of shit. Go with the EHLE.
  2. ^ This. Ehle is the Honda of bongs, no more than you need and it'll last a long time.

    Boost is the KIA wannabe. Looks about the same, but expect an explosion soon.
  3. just curious, how does weedstar/HVY fit into this car metaphor?
  4. I once saw a Boost bong with an 18.8 ground joint that wouldn't accept any 18.8 bowls aside from the stock boost bowl. That alone means terrible quality control and also means I'll never own a boost.

    EHLE's are definitely solid though, go nuts on that one.

  5. I disagree: Although the EHLE. bongs are priced economically, they are very thin and lack the bullet-proof reliability of the honda. I would compare the EHLE. bongs to a volkswagen: moderately priced, refined enough to be considered "nice", but not sturdy by a long shot.

    To answer the weedstar question: they are the dodge SRT neon -- they look okay on paper, with all the bells and whistles like the big boys, but they really lack the details that separate them from the STis and EVOs.
  6. if you want to use any heavy accessories then the boost is the way to go. the ehle tips easily with an ashcatcher.

    the boost does have an odd joint so female joints do stick out a few mm, but I have never come across a joint that didnt form an air tight seal with the boost.

    the EHLE is 3mm while the boost is 5mm. the base is blown out to about 2.5mm.
    while the fit & finish on the EHLE is a bit nicer than the boost, the weight and thickness of the boost makes it feel like a more legitimate bong.:smoking:

    id say they both stack up close, but if you want to use a quality ash catcher you'll want to go with the boost.
  7. i would consider an hvy in your price range too. the stuff they have made recently is good for the price.

    alt has a hvy straight tube for 40.
  8. HVY or EHLE.... dont get boost or W*.........imo

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