EHLE bong?????

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  2. It all depends on what you want. If you like that bong then buy it. EHLE glass is quality throughout, so no tube will upset you.
  3. EHLE's are quality made and that is pretty good for its price.
    You really won't be disappointed with any EHLE tube.
  4. idk about the brand but it looks nice and holds ice cubes(which is amazing-I love the feeling of cold smoke) I'd say do it up.
  5. That's probably the best EHLE you can get for the price. I don't think you'll go wrong there either. Quality glass, good volume, icecatcher and an 18.8mm joint.. that's a great deal. btw You should probably take down that link.
  6. Good quality glass for a great price! I would buy it if i weren't saving up for a roor :D
  7. i've got an Ehle myself. only a 250 ml. my lady can't rip the tubes like some of us haha.
    anyways, they're great. i love the downstem, fairly beefy, though i don't use mine really because i have diffy.
    only complaint i have about my 250 is that is isn't the 500 haha so do it up
    lots of bang for your buck. i say go for it.

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