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EHLE Bong Appreciation

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by OrangeHaze, May 16, 2010.

  1. Nice, finally got some pics up in here!

    jackfrost519 - how good of a job does that carbon filter do at keeping your tube clean? I just got a new bubbler and was considering getting a carbon filter for it.
  2. hey spikey, to answer your question, the adapter keeps the bong soo clean. Make sure you wash your carbon chunks though because if not, you will get black carbon silt in the water. its just a little thing, but thought you should know. id recommend it.

  3. Thanks for the info bro, hopefully I'll get one soon!
  4. An Ehle next to two Marley posters. This is the way its done, +rep
  5. I really don't understand this brand. It's bongs are basic and ugly.
  6. what is your brand of choice el brossidente? If it is roor...

    BTW thanks for the pics guys, keep them coming

  7. EHLEs are great looking bongs - what have you been smoking :D?

    (to each his own!)
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    OOOOH coming to save the day!! You're logic amazes me. Its called a fucking joke!?! You're telling me to chill? Telling me to slit my wrists LMFAO. Right on doooood!!! Go fuck yourself. wait you need a dick to do that.

    Disrespect is not tolerated here. Mat369



    I'm not quite sure what your deal is but you need to back off. It wasn't a joke and other people have commented on your behavior as well, hence the reports. Mat did as he should have. *RMJL
  9. haha thanks. Bob seems kinda cliche to me in weed culture, Legend was the first CD i ever owned. my dad and i would listen to it in his pickup back in the day. listening to him is kind of nastalgic for me.

    anyways, back to ehle.... opinions on the teardrop ashcatcher anyone? they seem like they are too stubby and would cause a lot of splashback.
  10. i can link a vid with the teardrop:
    [ame=]YouTube - New Teardrop AC[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - ~TheKushNetwork~ Presents: New Ehle Bongs From E.D.I.T.[/ame]

  11. to tell you the truth, the teardrop a/c is not the greatest. It is a little to small for my liking. I prefer the bigger version (theres one on EDIT)

  12. thanks for the input. ive been in and out of wanting one, but i think im going to go with an SSFG off of etsy
  13. no problem jackfrost. Gentleman, I just ordered a 1000ml ehle bong with ice pinches and a diffuser. It truly is a glorious day. Expect pictures up here in about 10 days. In the meantime, POST MORE PICTURES! :)
  14. is this thread going to die??
  15. cant let this thread die! here is a pic of my 1000 again, but it is much cleaner and i purchased a new saltini for it! close up shot of the slide is blurry, my b, i have a little point and shoot camera.


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    dude stop being a dick...or we wont be seeing you for very long.

    Don't resort to this. Just report it. *RMJL
  17. no more pics??? come on now
  18. I just receieved my 1000ml Ehle. Ill post a milkshot as soon as I can. In the meantime lets get some more pictures and milkshots
  19. I plan on getting a 500ML EHLE, black/red label I think, the 1000ML just seemed to big, like rediculose big. Hopefully GC gets some with no carb and ice pinches, cause I wanna buy mine from here to support GC. And they would look sexy as eff:hello:
  20. My 250ml with EHLE diffuser and Carbon Adapter.



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