EHLE Bong Appreciation

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  1. so we all like our ehles's lets see some pictures and milks of yours. Doesn't matter the size at all just post.

    Cheers guys
  2. My first gong was an EHLE 100ml. Used it with my vape and loved it. It is now sitting at my friend's place.

    I did replace the downstem with a diffused one.
  3. Proud owner of a 250ml. Thing hits like a dream and looks great. Ehle ftw
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    got the 250 ml too

    i also got the diffused downstem for mine but i got a weed star one lol. the 11.5 cm one fits like perfectly.
  5. 250 here as milk shots though I got noob lungs haha...maybe in a week or two...
  6. Milk shots or pictures gentleman
  7. got ana ehle downstem, the one w/ all the holes :) its thick as hell and has been dropped and still perfect
  8. God damnit people he asked for pics!! :smoking:
    heres my 500ml. Strong as fuck and hits pretty nice with a diffuser. Broke the ashcatcher tho (piece of shit weedstar will never buy again).


    I've hit this full force into ceramic and metal sinks and metal faucets all the time. It's also been kicked over twice (once into a table leg) and only broke the stem once.
  9. i recently bought a 1000ml with ice pinches. i got a diffused downstem and i am running a carbon filter on her. such big hits, but with the combination of the diffuser and carb. filter it hits like a dream. i love it
  10. norm420 I hope you're calling bs cause you want pics, not cause you don't really believe them
  11. Lol well i'd like to see pics backing at least one of them up.

  12. or what? what are you going to do about it? show me pics??!? :p

    an appreciation thread with 1 pic. of course I want to see pics. whats an appreciation thread without them?

    chill daddy-O :cool:
  13. guys relax, its just a thread. I too would like to see pics on this thread since its an appreciation thread and all
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    Norm you are the one who needs to chill, because a response such as 'or what?' suggests that he made a threat, or gave you options you wish not to comply to. If you want to bring this kind of attitude to grasscity, how about you go slit your wrists instead okay? And lets see some pics of that doucher

    Disrespect such as this is not tolerated at the city! Mat369
  15. Pics before this thread starts going downhill...
  16. Gentleman, I made this thread to see some pictures. Not have arguments. Please take those else where. Thanks
  17. sorry for the lack of pictures, i just took some of my 1000ml. its clean, but there are hella smudge marks on the glass:/....for now





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  18. [​IMG]

    That's it with the ashcatcher, next to it's box I made :D
  19. looks like you get some good use out of her! liking it. the box is a good idea as well!:)

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