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  1. For those of you who may remember me, after talking with MS recently I was seemingly encouraged to make a post about myself, here, in the place I once spent a lot of time making myself intelligent on subjects that were socially unfit.

    I'm alive and well.

    I am back in Denver, as I think I posted some months ago maybe, December-ish. I am currently on probation.. staying clean and positive as best as I can. It's been one fuckin' ride, my dudes..

    Im currently holding down a full time position, here in Denver. Have been working for nearly 6 months now, at a decent gig, with lots of trust and responsibility that is dependent solely on me. It feels good to be trusted again.

    I still face issues with the recent change of becoming sober. My brain is seemingly on overdrive, which is something I would control with various amounts of different drugs. My sleep is totally whacked, and has been since I became clean. Sometimes it makes me feel depersonalized. I'm starting to look at things quite differently, and I'm not sure it is for the good, or the bad. It's weird. It's a crazy struggle, but I'm trying to solve life's tiny equations one at a time.

    Sorta glad that drug discussion is frowned upon here, it was a huge trigger for me. Whether it was sharing stories, or common interest-- and up to viewing images in which for me to drool over, it was a huge rush and urge for me to use.

    I hope some of the old fellas still come around here, I do. So to you fellas,
    in no order:


    and so many others I have chatted with, here's to you.
    I hope you find the good in life, and find all of the answers you need to every goal you peruse. I hope nothing but great success for you fellas, and everyone here, more than you all would imagine.

    I love ya guys, I miss ya guys.

    I promise to come around some, ya know.. keep in touch. I just feel this is a part of my life that is fading away only for the better, respectively so.

    Henry, "thebigd^"

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