eh girl problems.

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  1. well, there's this girl that i like and i have no clue if she likes me back or not. can you guys give me some help? i'll throw down some information.

    - when other people ask her to do something with her, she normally tells me about how grossed out she is about them. "some guy asked me to homecoming and i accidentally laughed. . . does that make me a b***?"

    - she tells me that she doesn't really like talking to anyone else except for her best friend and me.

    - when another person told us to date, she said "HAHAHAHA

    - when we we're talking right after that, she asked me "can you never date me?"

    - also like 2 years before all of this, i asked her out, and it was weird. she didn't say yes or no, but i just assumed that it was a no. (and i heard from her best friend that she "didn't not like me"

    think you guys can help me out on this one? maybe even if some girls could help me out, that'd be awesomee
  2. She sounds like she's 17. I'd look for someone a bit more mature. "i accidentally laughed" sounds like a pathetic attempt at self-reassurance.
  3. Sounds like youre stilll in highschool, homecoming would be a great way to make a first impression about what kind of guy you really are. Just ask her to be your homecoming date, whats the worst that will happen?
  4. It's worth a shot man. Take it and see what happens. What's the worst that'll happen? She'll say no? Always sucks to hear, but it happens. It sounds like you have a fighting chance.
  5. well, the thing is. she moved from memphis (where i live) to denver, but she's coming back in december, so i can't ask her to homecoming.

    (also, i'm very antisocial and she kinda is aswell, so we don't really go to homecoming/football games/etc.)

    and mrgood, i'm not saying i'm not much older than 17.

  6. well, i don't have very many friends outside of her and my sister. so if i do mess something up, i pretty much won't have any friends, or it will be awkward between most of them
  7. no offence I think being anit social kinda makes you have "girl problems" If your in highschool just party get social get drunk and get some practice fucks befor college :cool:
  8. well, it's not because i want to be antisocial.

    nobody really understands who i am, so everyone assumes that i'm some freak or something. i try making friends, but i guess i'm not charismatic.
  9. She sounds like an immature insecure bitch. She's disgusted because people are attracted to her? She laughs at a guy that build up the confidence to ask her to homecoming? Seriously even if she liked you, that's the kind of girl you want? Good luck:cool:
  10. Quoted For Truth
  11. Thank you^
  12. don't say she's a bad person. i really know her. she's nice.
  13. Well everything you just told us about her sounds pretty negative if you don't think so then you might just be very smitten.
  14. alright. well, i can't say i'm much better than she is, then. people call us similar.
  15. Umm... friend zone...
  16. OP has been banned.../thread
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