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eh fuck

Discussion in 'General' started by Dirt King, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. I just typed out this huge story, one that would've made you laugh your ass off a million times. And when I clicked 'submit', it loaded a page saying "you can only post one thing per minute". So I clicked back hopping it would still be there..... WRONG. ALL GONE. So this really sucks.

    So this is all you people get now. what a bummer.
  2. Was it really funny or just highly amusing?
  3. lol yea thanks, I should copy it like that from now on..

    it was funny, really funny
  4. you realize if it said the "one minute" timer thing, it must have ment it took you less than a minute to type it....

    i dunno if i worded that very well.. but it makes sense

  5. Doesn't matter what browser you use, you can still only post once a minute on the VBulletin software.
  6. lol ya i always copy it incase that happens
  7. Are you going to share this funny story or not??

  8. Right on Luke. You can get around this in IE too. You have to hit the back button twice and then resubmit when it promts you.

  9. No, it took more than a minute... Not sure how long, maybe 10-15 mins. I was replying to a couple other posts while I was typing, so that's why I encountered the 60sec thing.

    Well, I might, but probably not... I don't really feel like typing it all again, and I guess I'd have to be in the right mood

    Oh and I am using IE6
  10. Damn, I can't stand when that happens. Usually I just don't end up posting again, not worth the extra effort. Haha. :)

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