Egyptians had helicopters? Sumarians had batteries? WHAA

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  1. Take it however you want it, its a very interesting character

    "Abydos Helicopter"


    If anyone can read Egyptian, now would be the time to explain lol


    woah....give credit when credits due
  2. yea thats crazy.
  3. [​IMG]

    Only a copy is known to exist of the Tulli Papyrus, the original is believe to have been lost in the 20th your own research lol

    It reads:
    "In the year 22, in the third month of winter, in the sixth hour \t\t\tof the day, the scribes of the House of Life noticed a circle of \t\t\tfire that was coming from the sky [...] From the mouth it emitted a \t\t\tfoul breath. It had no head. Its body was one rod long and one rod \t\t\twide.¹ It had no voice. And from that the hearts of the scribes \t\t\tbecame confused and they threw themselves down on their bellies \t\t\t[...] then they reported the thing to the Pharaoh [...] His Majesty \t\t\tordered [...] has been examined [...] and he was meditating on what \t\t\thad happened, that it was recorded in the scrolls of the House of \t\t\tthe Life. Now after some days had passed, these things became more \t\t\tand more numerous in the skies. Their splendour exceeded that of the \t\t\tsun and extended to the limits of the four angles of the sky [...] \t\t\tHigh and wide in the sky was the position from which these fire \t\t\tcircles came and went. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in \t\t\ttheir midst. It was after supper. Then these fire circles ascended \t\t\thigher into the sky and they headed toward the south. Fish and birds \t\t\tthen fell from the sky. A marvel never before known since the \t\t\tfoundation of their land [...] And Pharaoh caused incense to be \t\t\tbrought to make peace with Earth² [...] and what happened was \t\t\tordered to be written in the Annals of the House of Life so that it \t\t\tbe remembered for all time forward."

    Now, it doesnt SAY ufo :rolleyes:, but that's like describing an apple without actually calling it an apple
  4. Its weird that this type of stuff, as amazing as it is, is so few and far between in all the records and artifacts we have of these ancient civilizations.

    Unless its covered it up for the most part by a third party.

  5. The more commonly known the history is, greater chance it could be a lie imo. The reverse is just the same, I think.

  6. i think a lot is covered up. i'm not sure what i believe, but i'm sure theres a lot that people aren't letting us know about.

  7. Never! Who would do such a thing? :D

    Alien gray image at Saqqara, Egypt. Can't use the same pic twice as I've used it in a previous thread. Here's the link What's wrong here?
  8. I think it's fake. It looks resurfaced to me.

    The "Tulli Papyrus" sounds equally... imaginative.

  9. They didnt build it. it was aliens!

    But seriously watch Ancient Aliens on the History channel. Its really good.
  10. I haven't personally researched the battery but the slab where the helicopter is engraved is readily accessible by tourists and you can just google images its name and gets tons of different photos of it. It is real.
  11. knowledge is power.

    if people were in the business of giving power instead of taking it, we as a whole would be aware of a whole different reality.

    fortunately, with time knowledge finds it's way through the cracks, like grass through cement, to expose itself to the whole.

    soon reality is going to change.
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    Yeah, I don't doubt it's real. I think the original carvings were replaced. Just look at how crisp and well defined the carving is, compared to the surrounding area. It's silly to believe this is legit.
  13. Fact of the matter is that history and its artifacts have been radically changed or hidden to keep humanity at large in the dark. If you still don't or refuse to understand that, then oh well.
  14. You guys would absolutely shit a brick if they ever destroyed the sphinx and dug underneath it. It'll happen someday, but that day will not be a nice one lol.

  15. Who is keeping humanity in the dark? For what purpose?

    I'll entertain the idea that humanity has been in an intelligent, innovative state for much longer than we currently think. That advanced civilizations have existed long ago, were brought back to the stone age by some cataclysmic event, etc.

    ...Where did all the steel structures go? If some event wiped traces of steel-work and all other technology off the planet, how did the species survive?

    If we're talking about something as speculative as thousands of years ago... I think it's more worth while to talk about what reality is, in general.

  16. aliens, bra. :bongin:
  17. Man i wish egypt was still the same.
  18. The Library is not a physical one we cant just dig to and open up to reveal the mysteries of the world. One must project themselves to this Library through astral travel.
  19. History is not being hidden from us haha. Remember, our advanced minds started to develop within the last 10 million years of Earth History, and have even advanced dramatically in the past 2000 years. We as humans can not just comprehend that early men could have developed such things because we think our logical thinking is recent.

    Obviously, many people had the ability to think logically and use imagination to advance.

  20. No no no, not any kind of Library. I'm talking we will only dig this up during a very serious threat to the human race. It belonged to Thoth, and it will be used to conquer with the greatest of ease when the time comes.

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