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eGo-T (trippy stick) help!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Taylor4791, May 7, 2012.

  1. Just got an eGo-T vaporizer I need to make hash oil to fill my cartridges with. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. :| I don't know what kind of an answer your expecting, but when you ask a question like this it is almost impossible to give you a serious answer, especially when there is a whole other section where people talk about this. Probably better to post here Harvesting and Processing Marijuana - Grasscity.com Forums
  3. I need to know how to make hash oil at the right consistency for the cartridges. and I'm looking for any other info anyone may have about this eGo-T vaporizer
  4. This is the recipe. You can buy them filled with oil at some dispensaries if you live in some certain states.

    You can use these to load pure wax/oil so it's a lot more potent too. They sell for $12 each on Ebay for singles for $45 for 5. Vitolo told me they weren't that good compared to the Omicron though.
  5. Ok so i have few questions:

    Does that connects to the battery or the atomizer? Because The atomizer is supposed to connect to the battery then the cartridge to the atomizer (battery-atomizer-cartridge) but the site said it connects to the battery.

    I have the plastic cartridges, I can't just put the oil directly in them?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between tincture and oil? And which should I use?
  6. The cartridge has the heating element, so it connects directly to the battery. It connects to a 510 thread (generic).

    No, you cannot directly put them in. You'll have to solute it with glycerin or whichever formula you use. The plastic carts were not designed to handle oil and I imagine it would not be very efficient.

    The carts made specifically for oil are a special design, I believe there are two chambers in there. I have the Omicron which was the first company to market these cartridges. Not sure if it's any different but mine holds up to a gram. I prefer wax because it is a lot easier to load and heat up.
  7. Ok I think I'm starting to understand. Now my new question is how do I make this "wax" hash u speak of?

  8. Bro, search around the forums before you ask these questions. Literally hundreds of people have posted the same question. Search around and you'll find some answers, instead of waiting for them to come to you. You're on the internet, man, ever think of trying google?
  9. Wait, do they look like these?


    I'm not quite sure what you mean otherwise, could you post a picture?

    Tincture is when you soak the bud in glycerin (or alcohol if you want to drink it) and let it steep like a tea. The resulting stuff cab be used in standard ecigs. The downsides is that it takes a large quantity of bud, lots of time and if you do it wrong you can get pneumonia.

    Just plain oil is easier to make, gets you higher on less but is difficult to work with. But those are the tradeoffs.
  10. Ok im starting to understand now. So my new question is how do I make this "wax" hash?

  11. Google is your friend, man. Google.com
  12. Oops disregard my last post

    I've tried google and I find so many different contradictions I get confused. That's why I came here

    So I need to make butane hash for the metal cartridges?
  13. hahahahahh you got a trippy stick.
    juicy j has a trippy stick and so does wiz khalifa you were all like i can make my ten bags into hash oil and be TaYlOReDDDDDD

    lololollollol im sorry for you.
  14. Hahaha ur so funny. I got the stick so I can smoke at work and not smell ass. Get off my feed ignorant ass! And my name is Taylor I don't jock other people's swag I was born Taylor'd!
  15. Bho!!!!!

    edit: google that.
  16. I know how to make the butane hash. Will it b the right consistency? I got the stainless steel cartridges btw so I just need the pure oil
  17. .... BHO -> Glycerin = Tincture.

    Tincture + ecig = vape.

    Try this in google:

    site:forum.grasscity.com "e cigarette tincture"

    Stop asking us basic questions on how to make wax and what a tincture is. There are thousands of posts on every question you asked. And also a GREAT tutorial for making your hash into the tincture SPECIFICALLY for e cigarettes. And it's on this very forum!

    Here, I will even link you to the google search. Good luck and enjoy your vaporizer once you figure out the details!

  18. I just said I don't need to mix with glycerin I have the stainless steel cartridges for pure hash oil... So again, wut consistency does my bho have to be for the cartridges and how do I get it to that consistency. I have been all over google and these forums but I find so much contradicting info that I decided to start my own thread. The cartridges say to use stable oil (non runny) but I feel like it should still be somewhat liquidy because it has to be able to get to the heat source at the bottom of the cartridge. Right? Someone who has one of these should help me!!!
  19. you make the wax using the BHO method, then i put the way on tin foil and heat.. you want to burn it to a liquid and drop it in the cartridge. ive tried puttin wax in it and i clogged everything just melt it good beofer u fill...WOrks like a charm
  20. I can't help you out, but I'm very interested in getting a pen vape myself(quite possibly the same model)

    So a quick question for you: where'd you get your e-cig and how much was it?

    Also, have you gotten it to work it with shatter bho?

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