ego death?

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  1. ive always been worried about this, so i stay away from high does of lsd, not sure what it is but people make it seem bad, what is ego death? and after you go into that state, can you reverse it?
  2. all i know is that it is basically complete inner peace... i may have been told something mis-leading but that is what i know
  3. i thought since it had the word "death" in it, itd be bad, guess not hhaha:eek:
  4. yes dude, its a good thing on the whole, IMO. Its fucking extreme but necessary. i cant explain it, because i still do not understand it.
  5. aight man, thanks haha, the name just makes it sound sorta bad
  6. Ego death can either be a horrific and traumatic experience or a deeply spiritual and euphoric one, and if it happens it is almost guaranteed to be one of the most important events of your life. It's probably one of the hardest things in life to understand without experiencing it for yourself. There's a decent description of what exactly an ego is and what it means to dissolve it on erowid here however. Past that it would probably be helpful to read a trip report or two that involve the experience. There's a good one here, but it's a pretty horrific one.

    Like i said, it doesn't have to be a scary experience. The problem is that it is sort of sprung on you by using a drug (even when you desire the experience), as opposed to something like meditation, which can lead to similar experiences much more slowly and naturally. A lot of times people end up loading up on LSD or mushrooms as though they were party drugs, thinking they can handle 15 shots of tequila or whatever so what the fuck. And little do they know they're walking themselves into an unwanted nightmare.

    This is something which can be incredibly difficult to prepare for even to an experienced tripper. Sometimes i think people get a pretty big ego about their tripping ability (sorry for the pun there), and it's easy to toss around the words "ego death" like it's no big thing. But believe me, anyone who tosses these words around has not experienced it, and if they have, they definitely need to respect the practice a fuck of a lot more. I feel like ego death is something everyone should experience, but it's definitely something that should involve a lot of thought and preparation before even beginning to attempt. We're talking about the absolute dissolution of your "self" here, this is something which should never be taken lightly. Read up on it man, probably one of the more interesting things in life.
  7. This threads a long but good read.

    The "THUMBPRINT" - The Pub - Shroomery Message Board

    Someone here I forget his name took a print so you could look that up.

    LSD isn't the only drug that can cause ego death but that link explains it very well. Well as good as I guess it can be explained.
  8. well in almost every religion, one of the hardest things to purify your thoughts is to lose your ego, and i 100%ly agree, ego is the cause of most social problems but greed and control being the bigger issue of our world it seems.

    my advise is that id you just want that "ego death", just try to meditate every day and get intouch with yourself, many people i know have never even meditated because it portrayed as weird in this generation, but it will save you a lot other brain composition problems and its like a drug already in your brain:).
  9. i had this happen on salvia...rediculous:eek:
  10. Ego death is just loosing all scene of self.

    Depends on how you look at it. It can either one of the most amazing things that has ever happened in your life or it could be the scariest.

    Be prepared.
  11. Ego loss isn't that bad. For me, it is like going into a dream.
  12. actually, i think ego death from acid/thumbprint and ego death from meditation/spirituality might be two diffrent things:confused:?

    and meditators/cid users agree/disagree?
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    more like two different paths to the same destination, which sort of makes the end result a little different depending on which route. a common buddhist comparison is the view via climbing/walking to the top of a mountain, or taking a helicopter to the top. the view is always the same, but there's something about it that is just different to those who climbed there.

    not sure i'd take advice from someone who spells "advise" wrong, but you're definitely on the right track man. not that i condemn the use of lsd, as i am one of its largest advocates. but like i've always said, i love, fear, and respect it. and it should be used as a supplement to spirituality, not a replacement. big difference.
  14. substance d did a great job of explaining it
    it can be wonderful or horrible. its not something you should be fearful of, once it happens it well happens. ive had it happen twice, they were two of the greatest spiritual and self-realizing experiences of my life (self-realizing after the fact, when i had come down and could think). the first time for me was kinda bi-polar, parts were amazing and parts were terrifying. the 2nd was the worst time of my life, and i never want to feel like that again, but after figuring out how i led myself into that negative loss i can keep myself on the positive side for future trips.
  15. lsd works as a sorta catalyst for it, just helps one reach it quicker and easier. im sure that itd take a lot of skill, time, and practice to reach that point from just meditating.
  16. yes i would agree, but i would think it would be better to climb the way that way your brain can adapt and recognize what is going on, instead of a dramatic change on the brain. but i cant say for i have never done lsd.

    haha well if you know me, im one of the worst spellers on here(thank god for spell check:laughing:).
    im not saying listen to my advise either becasue i have never taken LSD/LSA but i was expressing becasue i love to talk about the ego and meditation:D.
    but i agree with everything you say man, good vibes and herbs!
  17. [quote name='hella chronic']yes i would agree, but i would think it would be better to climb the way that way your brain can adapt and recognize what is going on, instead of a dramatic change on the brain. but i cant say for i have never done lsd.

    yeah that's what i was getting at as well. the climb will almost always give you a better view.

    but the view is the view as long as you know what you're getting yourself into.
    sorta getting carried away with analogies here, but you get the jist.

    i've never tried LSA, nor will i ever. it's pretty much just a much weaker version of LSD with far more side effects. but should you ever try either, good vibes brotha;)
  18. Would it be considered ego death if you are so fucked up on salvia you don't know your a person, you just see yourself as a pair of eyes looking into a universe (ime, a shape land containing parallel dimensions of our own).

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