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  1. Is ego death accomplishable for the long term with no drugs or meditation, other than marijuana? Are there any methods/experiences anyone has that would be beneficial/interesting? Also is it that hard to cope with society or get back into at least acting sort of normally. I'm pretty weird anyway so that's not my biggest concern. Fitting in isn't my biggest concern now haha. One last thing, I don't understand people who end up depressed after ego death because if their ego is truley dead why would they be so preoccupied with the sadness of not being able to fit in or whatever. Sorry if that last bits naive and thanks for any responses to this and sorry for long post haha just I am interested in this.
  2. Well, like all things in life, everything has its use and cycle. So it is with the functions of the mind. I see the ego, as a means for confidence, to get shit done. If you have no ego, then no wonder why your depressed, you don't get shit done. Some people, are lucky and are able to live self-sufficiently and independently, whereas they don't need too much of an ego, because there isn't much to be done. And they're content. I don't think it is possible to get completely rid of the ego, I guess only by focusing hard on it, but I bet you it eventually comes back in some form or another. Asking to get rid of the ego, is like asking to get rid of the sun, for some reason, i have a feeling you need both. lol.
  3. You do not want a permanent ego death.
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    Good ole ego shattering experiences man......

    Shit sux tbh, especially when the concept of 'ego' is so prominant in todays society.

    Youll probably go further in todays projection of reality if you stick to your ego, fuel it, and become a functioning member of society.

    Ego loss can be experienced multiple ways;

    Ex, being humble, honest, nice, generous, helping other people, improving yourself to improve others. You are a beacon of +vibes..

    Experiencing ego loss on drugs is never fun, nor reccomended. its traumatic, unless you really seek that. But even that is beautiful.
  5. Ego-death isn't an aim, but a side-effect. The aim is understanding, which leads to ego-death amongst many other things. Creating it by itself is pointless.

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  6. had his happen last sunday/monday

    works wonders on depression
  7. Because they haven't experienced ego death, they experienced the effects of a drug.

    and to answer your question, no, there is no way to liberate yourself from the ego simply by using drugs or some simple meditations. When one liberates themself from Maya, the realm of matter, to where they do not care a bit about possessions and are just as happy being rich or penniless, that is ego death, and it is not so much "death" as it is simply rising the consciousness above the illusion of maya and into the only reality.

    It's much more difficult to strive for in the age of materialism, particularly in america you'll be looked at as some weirdo, though it won't matter what people think, as you'll be perfectly content regardless of any "life" circumstance.
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    Very true, ego death led me to some wonderful insight about myself and the world around me.

    Very true, but taking psychedelics when severely depressed can be dangerous, especially if you're not an experienced psychonaut.

    So true. Even simply taking a massive dose of LSD (or whatever) isn't going to give you ego death. It's something that has to be coaxed and enhanced during a trip. For myself, I took an enormous (unrecommended) dose of LSD, turned on some Dan Deacon, and sat on my bed lotus position and meditated for an hour and a half. I can say without hesitation that that 90 minutes were some of the most intense and enlightening of my entire life. I walked away feeling illuminated and renewed.

    Anyone can contact via me PM with any questions about this topic, I love to discuss it.
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    I don't think I ever experienced ego death. I think I may have come close or something, but not really. I've tripped twice and both times I had a period during the trips where I totally forgot who I was, but most people describe ego death as being scary and I don't remember being scared. I was a little scared the first time I tripped and it happened because I never even heard of ego death, so it was really strange when all of a sudden I forgot what my job was, what my name was, who I was, if i was alive, etc. lol. On my second trip, one really cool thing that happened was I had that whole ego deathish type of experience where I forgot my identity and then throughout the rest of the trip and somewhat for days after, I felt this distinct divide between my physical self and my "spiritual" self. It was like two different me's. When I would get up and move was when I was most aware of my physical self and I didn't like it, I thought it was slow and boring and mechanical. But when I would sit and think while tripping, I could sort of feel what I called my "spiritual self". I can't describe it except that it felt more real. Think of it like, as if your thoughts were a totally separate individual from the flesh and bone. That's how it felt. Like my body was a container for the true self. That second trip changed my life, man lol. And i met a really cool alien during that trip too lol. He talked to me my whole trip. Told me, among other things, about how money was "artificial meaning" and I'll never forget it lol.

    But it wasn't scary... I think I naturally don't have much of an ego though lol. I've never wanted much, never had much confidence or cared about myself that much as an individual, and I seem to care less as I get older. When I was in highschool I think my ego was huge lol. I used to be a goth kid and I used to hate everything and want to dominate the Earth, like i used to fantasize about completely taking over the planet and fantasize about starting a religion based around my own beliefs and shit. I also was, without even realizing it, a pretty hardcore conservative lol. I thought all drugs were bad except alcohol and thinking back I can't rationalize my viewpoint, I just believed for no reason that alcohol was fine, but all other drugs were bad. I was fucking crazy.

    Then I got high and I feel like that was the catalyst that started changing me into a less ego-driven person.
  10. Experienced ego-death the first time I did blank. Being around people who still had their egos intact was too much. Not fun and very depressing.

    If you let your ego stay dead society is going to eat you alive. Trust me, you don't want that.

  11. The feeling upon leaving the body/death is alot like what you described. Think of if you walked around in a tight weighted suit for 3 months always wearing it, and the feeling of finally taking it off and the freedom of movement, that's the initial feeling of death (as well as projection)
  12. I hate it when people confuse ego loss and being fried out.

    just because your face has melted off 100000000x times doesnt mean that you have experiences 'ego loss'

    Ego loss is paradox.

    It is attained through self improving ones self, which in itself is an ego-tistical consept.

    Being fried out because you have smoked so much dmt doesnt mean shit.

    Psychedelics have a purpose, but the 'understanding' is attained by the human mind, and it can be achieved without drugs.

    When psychedelic drugs are administered to other animals, they do not express the profound eathshattering ego less experiences they went through.

    As I said before, its not the drug that teaches you, is introspection and experience that teaches you.
  13. ego loss to me is like a turning point in life. like when you just start living by correct morals have a good conscious.
  14. There was a period when I was on anti-depressants and had almost no ego. I just didn't care about anything. This was without weed. So, yes, it can be done without weed.
  15. Hi Drop. I'm not sure whether you're agreeing or disagreeing, but let me make a couple of points to clarify what I'm saying. I too see no connection between being fried on any drug and true ego-loss. Drug use and nervous breakdowns can result in ego-loss certainly, but it's not the same kind of ego-loss as caused by deep Kensho or realisation, and nor are the after-effects the same. Ego-loss can certainly be reached without drugs at all, and is usually the result of realisation. Also, as I say above, it's a symptom, not something that is sought by itself. Could you just make your points again so I know where we're disagreeing?

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    my 'ego death' happened from

    sleep deprivation
    all day weed smoke
    trying to prove/not prove god, started out tryng to not prove
    typing all my thoughts out

    no psychedelics are needed. (me fighting back and forth with myself, like god vs devil scenario) was how it was. i can only imagine if Jesus story was real the 40day/40nights he went through. because one day and night drive you crazy enough. reasoning with everything your eyes look at and then random reasoning off of that reasoning.. like its the first time you had eyes, like you were blind before or something.

    i just dont march into town claiming im god. im just mortal, i cant do magic. i just claim i know more then the average person on enlightenment
  17. I think alot of people misunderstand what ego death truly is. The ego is what makes us individual in the sense most people think of it. When the ego dies, we see all of man as being one and the same as ourselves, and so we give and love others the way we do ourselves, it is completely selfless care for all of mankind, treating them one and the same as yourself. Ego death doesn't mean that you just don't care anymore, in fact you care more than ever, but it is not care for your own well being but for that of others, and it is not being charitable because it feels good, but charity for the sake of charity with no gain whatsoever, because by the One Spirit in man being helped, you too are helped at the same time.
  18. ^ya, its all about an awakening to love, it feels good
  19. seems like you would want more of an ego supression

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