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Ego Ce4 electronic cig with THC or Hash Oil?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JustSomePotHead, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. So last night I bought a E-cigg, its called the "Ego Ce4" the website from which I got it was called smoketolive.com anyways Im just trying to find out if Thc oil would work to smoke in this thing. The liquid nicotine is absorbed through a wick not directly on a heating element so has anyone figured out a way to smoke bud out this thing? The THC or Hash oil would have to be a little thicker than water but not as runny as water also...I know about the Gpen but I bought this to quit smoking ciggs so if there is a way could someone let me know...Wax I thought at first would work but the wax will obviously not absorb into the wick, how can I make wax into a watery substance rather than a waxy substance?
  2. Wax WILL absorb into the wick, you just need to heat it. It's a very viscous material, but when heated it turns into the consistency of water. So in theory you should be able to heat whatever metal tool you're using to drip the wax into there. :wave:
  3. search the forums there are threads that teach you how to make glycerine tinctures by letting the weed soak into it and then you just fill the cartridges with that tincture. I have not tried it but i ordered a v2 ecig and plan on trying it with an empty chocolate flavored cartridge so it'll be a chocolate e-joint :smoke:
  4. make a glycerine tinicure out of some hash and put that in there, im smokin that out of my Ce4 right now. follow badkats tutorial and you ll be all set. Another option if you can get tyour hand on it is a REMPEN refil that has thc already in it. I got one kickin around and it tastes awesome, less economical then DIY though.

  5. You think this will work?


    The atomizer should be able to absorb that, but you think itll make a smell?
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    im smokin homemade tincure right now, shit works. I took 7 g's made qwiso, heated that shit to evap it quick, scraped it up got ~1.5 g's put that in around a oz of glycerine. Heated it to 170 in my oven and would wait for it to heat up, then turn off the heat and leave it for a few hours then turn it back to 170 till preheated and turn it off. after i did that for probably 6 hours i took it out and now its sitting in an incubator at 83 F. It got me high the day after i made it, i have been dipping into it and it keeps getting stronger. Smokes well and tastes good too.

    EDIT::doesnt really smell either, smoked it in my GIS comp lab today and no one caught on, even my lab partner didnt notice at first, then he was like lemme get a pull. also room temp is probably fine for it to sit after you do the initial cook, i just happen to have an incubator due to other hobbies :hippie:

  7. Yeah Massachusetts just passed medical maryjane but you have to be terminally ill. Not like cali where you can have headaches and get a card...so that sucks looks like I'm making it myself.:mad:

  8. Is the consistency thicker than water? Because the flavoring with nicotine the give you with it isnt watery its thicker than water not as runny..Im going to try the thread recipe I posted and see if that works with this, this shit cost like 110$ so lets keep our fingers crossed

  9. i'm in mass too i didn't know it was for people with terminal illnesses. Dam... I'm sure there are some exceptions i'll look into it.
  10. ha im from mass as well. i go to unh so im only around part time but still...
    we should see who can make the best ecig tincure
  11. hahah I'm down for that. Yeah I got a couple of friends that go to unh. Im only like an hour maybe 45 mins from there, I'm from salem. I think I might win this competition though because im making the tincure with 15 grams of blue dream and 15 grams of sour dream...sour dream was some of the best bud I've ever smoked....smh shit had me watching power rangers for like 2 hours

  12. Yeah read it law online, I read it about 5 or 6 times trying to find a way to go around being terminally ill. But I think we're just going to have to stand outside the dispensary and ask people lmao. Salem is petitioning to not let dispensarys in the city...theyre whack
  13. well my tincure has 1.5 grams of hash in ~1 oz of fluid that was baked for 5 hours at 170 degrees f and since that has been aging in an incubator at a constant 83 degrees F with two-3 stirs daily. I cut it with a tiny bit of (nice) rum and am using some right now and its getting me vaked and tastes great.

  14. So when you use food grade glycerin you can smoke that, and put drops under your tongue too right?
  15. yah it tastes really good actually. if you get that shit on your fingers just lick it off. i used NOW 100% food grade vegetable glycerin that i bought at a local health food store.

  16. Damn Im going to have to definitely make that now, I'm pumped now lol, I only got two blunts left and I'm looking to smoke really discreetly. When you smoke just the tincture does is smell like your smoke weed? Like I smoke my ecig in public and in buildings like work...it just smells like strawberrys but if I had only tincture in my atomizer would it smell like bud smoke?
  17. idk i dont think it smells i smoked it in the library today with my buddy with people all around us and in my computer lab yesterday

  18. lmao thats crazy its cuz you go to unh hahah

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