Eggy Bread/French Toast

Discussion in 'General' started by LauraJadeth, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. I had the munchies so I made 'eggy bread'...and I was wondering if eggy bread and french toast are the same thing?
    I asked my American stoner friend online if he knew and he said 'I don't name that shit, I just eat it.'

    Fair comment.

    Any of you know the answer?

  2. How do you make eggy bread?

    French toast in the states is sliced bread, dipped in an egg mix, and then cooked on a frying pan.

  3. Exactly the same. Do you put cinnamon and stuff in yours?
  4. it depends if u like cinnamon or not, but its pretty much the same shit
  5. I like mine with cinnamon and nutmeg. And maple syrup, of course.

    Another version is to use sliced french bread, dip it in egg, then coat it in crushed corn flakes. Bake it in the oven until crispy brown. Smother with butter and maple syrup.

    I just gained 5lbs typing that out.
  6. French Toast:

    1) Place Egg guts in a bowl.
    2) Add a few tablespoons of milk, a little cinnamon, and a little borwn sugar.
    3) Place bred in Egg guts, make sure the entire piece of bread is covered with egg.
    4) Place in frying pan and brown on both sides
    5) Eat like Pancakes with a piece of butter (maybe weed butter) and syrup.
    5) A glass of milk is a must

  7. You don't see much maple syrup around these parts so I've never tried it with eggy bread.

    I like mine with cinnamon and lemon honey. It kinda tastes like pancakes.

    That oven recipe sounds intense...I'll try it next time
  8. I come from the land of maple syrup, so around here it's obligatory on french toast and pancakes. It's worth trying if you can get your hands on a small bottle. :)

  9. I've tried it, it's lush.

    Actually I think they sell it in my local market.

  10. Agreed. French Toast without Maple Syrup... is like... well... let's just say it isn't ethical.
  11. Eggy bread, lol. It never even occurred to me that it might be called something different out of the states. Guess it's kinda like "french fries" :p

  12. Ummmmmmm. I think the word you were looking for was toast... French toast.
  13. No, I was just noting that they aren't called french fries out of the states. Chips in U.K., I dunno about the rest of the world.
  14. I love french toast. Especially with butter and syrup on top with a slice of sharp cheddar on the side :yummy:

  15. You eat it with cheese?

    In Yorkshire, England they eat a slice of cheese with their fruit cake. Sounds disgusting.
  16. Try it with blueberry syrup. :p
  17. Cheese and fruit is an amazing combination, I don't know so much about fruit cake though...
  18. Actually one of my guilty pleasures is Cheddar and pancake/maple syrup, so I mostly save the cheese for after and smother it in the syrup.

  19. Fruit and cheese is a given, but cake is fucked up right?

    We definitely don't get a choice of flavours :(
  20. Way to go :D

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