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  1. How many eggs do you eat per day? I average like 6 per day. 3 scrambled or over easy w/ hashbrowns for breakfast and another 3 some point throughout the day. I havent noticed any negatives to this aspect of my diet, Ive enjoyed it so far. Cheese eggs are my jam!
    How many eggs do you eat?

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  2. I like boiled eggs the most but I don't eat them daily
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    The only time I eat boiled eggs is Easter lol. Just not too flavorful to me.
  4. I eat 4-6 at a shot 2-3 times a week.
    I have chickens so get 6 eggs a day from them. Soon to be more. get a duck egg a day soon to be more. Turkeys have not laid yet.
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    I have chickens, so we're usually pretty well stocked on eggs. I usually eat half a dozen a day, sometimes none, sometimes more. I fry up like three eggs for breakfast, because I know three eggs is the 'norm' or whatever, but it usually doesn't cut it so I end up cooking a couple more :p Cheap protein, and easy to cook with!
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  6. I know a guy who eats like 15-20 a day, but he also works out all day everyday. When he's not working out he's running or swimming.
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    Are chickens easy to keep care of? How many do you have?
    Id throw up by the end of the day lol.
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    is he a professional athlete?
    if not, this is a terrible way to live
  10. Sixteen hens. Eh, yes and no. It's a lot of work at first, but they pay off now. And my little brother finds them good pets :laughing:
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  11. I'd say I probably eat 3-4 eggs a day. My favorite breakfast is egg benny, and i'll make a double serving of that almost every morning.
    Don't really eat much more throughout the day.
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  12. 6 every morning usually fried in a little pam olive oil spray
  13. Yep, eggs are great. I'm a student, so eating a protein packed diet can be financially challenging. Tuna, chicken, red meat, nuts etc. can be expensive so I eat a good 4 a day for breakfast. 
    Infact, my diet is pretty much constituted by eggs, chicken, rice, eggs, chicken, rice, eggs, chicken, rice...
  14. I eat 12 a day when I'm bulking.  Easiest source of high grade bioavailable proteinz.  It does get old after a while though..
    I eat em all different kinds of ways.  Mostly scrambled so I can just eat like 6 in 5 minutes lol
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  15. Don't eggs have a shit ton of cholesterol or something

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  16. Yeah but there's been many studies that it is healthy cholesterol and it doesn't/shouldn't impact heart health.
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  17. 3-4. a few times a week. 
    med. boil, mixed with avocado, organic hemp oil, pepper, Himalayan salt and sometimes add stuff like maca powder or a tiny bit of ashwagandha. add a table spoon of organic bbq sauce. add some garlic. super-munchie-egg-salad. going to make one right now  :smoke:
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    p.s. and eggs from humainly raised, free range chickens are perfectly safe and good for you.
    what's bad is the shit that comes from mass-produced, antibiotic-and-who-knows-what-else filled chickens, that are kept indoors and eat toxic feed. yeah those eggs will cause problems. so will that chicken and anything else that's not natural, but manufactured. food grows naturally it should never be constructed with science. 
  19. 3 eggs every morning. With either toast with peanut butter or a bagel with butter/cream cheese. And a couple cups of black coffee and a litre of water. 
    Every damn day. 
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