Eggs Pomodoro - Make And Eat While High

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    Note: This is not my picture, but it should inspire you to eat something other than generic scrambled eggs.
    Pre-step 1: Become high as phuck.
    Step 1:  Add a large and ripe tomato to steaming water.  The water probably shouldn't boil, but you should start to see small bubbles and steam.  Allow the tomato to sit in the steaming water for about 5 minutes.
    Step 2:  Peal the tomato--removing the white core-thing from the tomato, and squash it (the tomato) into a frying pan.  Seriusly, squash it up with your fingers until it has the consistency of a sauce.  Add a yay amount of extra-virgin olive oil (1-2 tablespoons).
    Step 3:  Add some fresh basil if you have any.  Season the eggs with something that contains salt, garlic, onion, etc.
    Step 4:  Cook tomato sauce on medium-low heat for ten mintues or until most of the water has evaporated, leaving a pasty tomato sauce that smells amazing.
    Step 5:  Add some eggs and cover the pan.
    Step 6:  Eat and finish the meal with a joint/ice cream or chocolate.

  2. I made some this morning, along with firecrackers.  It's a good day, especially since the firecrackers are starting to kick in.
  3. i think ill give this a shot! 
    so i can either put it in the oven for a lil or just cover the pain after i put the eggs in?
    Cook the smashed and mushed tomato (no skin or white thing) with extra virgin olive oil and spices.
    After most of the excess water evaporates, mix in a couple eggs.  I guess you don't even have to cover it.
    I cover it because it seems to cook the yoke more quickly.  You can use a pizza pan or something else to
    cover it if you don't have a glass lid.  Use garlic powder and pepper mmmmm I'm so high from firecrackers.

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