Egg Shells??

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  1. Some One Told Me Putting Crushed Egg Shells On Top Of The Soil Can Help Growth Of Your Plant.
    Can I Get Some Input On This Please Before I Do Anything
  2. Crushed eggshells provide a good source of Potassium and calcium, a good ratio is 3-5 crushed eggshells around every 1 plant
  3. Do i have to wash them or anything, or is it just safe to put them on there how they are???
  4. safe as is my friend, crush them into a powder though.

    organic ferts are the only way I (used to) grow. FYI, brown eggshells generally contain more nutrients than the white ones
  5. aight thanks bro i really appreciate your help
  6. for sure man.. and i just realized that they need to be dry to be crushed into a fine powder, haha.. im really tired this morning..

    anyways, good luck with your grow friend :)
  7. nice 1 mate didnt know about egg shells.iv a load of chickens at my house.yeha
  8. you bein serious?
  9. egg shell is organic makes your ph go up :cool:
  10. If it were me I would wash them. I know you are supposed to wash 'em before composting eggshells outside. This is just to cut down on attracting pesky animals.

    By wash it just means rinse in water to get rid of most of the egg that's coating them.

    Might not be necessary, just sayin'.
  11. lol this is what my mom does but not on weed plants lol
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  13. learn something new everyday. I hear ashes are good too (no idea why though)
  14. Ashes will raise your pH (sodium hydroxide), but test your soil first. If it's already on the high side it will be bad for 'em.
  15. Eggshells are almost 100% Calcium carbonate - contain no Potassium. I treat crushed eggshells as organic lime. About an ounce a gallon mixed into your compost.

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